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SUPER PASTE for PURITY of a bathroom and a toilet \/ WASHES EVERYTHING  See details »



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  • 00:00: [music] Good day at Levin Are we here today you will do almost three ingredients cool cleaning pasta for this we You need soda plain food washing facilities dishes can be taken become a myth is, amway
  • 00:31: I'll be in the mix equal amounts I just like that I wanted you and also to take any we need 10 drops of essential oil Lemon friends if you have not yet subscribed to my channel advise subscribe after not signed Remember to click on the bell notice of withdrawal new video is now for a little talk what it is and for In order to clean bathroom and
  • 01:00: toilet in these places often rust on the ice and sometimes mold and many shops and facilities highly dried skin of hands They are due to have odor and no very good effect respiratory tract Well of course I but is it worth exaggerating listen if I have an opportunity why not make I'll make the pain a small amount of you can increase
  • 01:30: all proportions take 15 milliliters add water to so will I to do half of this funds and half thick myth that is too much about the same that is, it turns 15 milliliters 15 milliliters Now but there is all you need to stir thoroughly now we need to
  • 02:01: add 10 drops lemon essential oil all and mix look what formula it turns the air and if I beat I saw my bathroom rooms try something clean
  • 02:30: I'll show you how wonderful it tool works here in front of you is not very clean the sink and we we will use We put on a sponge drum and very quickly formed thick foam that removes ago where any pollution This means not Remember that it is very easily washed off and not forms on the film surface [music]
  • 03:06: look like It works great Super what flavor you We can not imagine here from what we We add essential Me lemon oil very like can be any citrus has Orange has also what is so here
  • 03:33: this means very not good clean panels and toilet yes All that is necessary and By the way you have it can keep just need to he put in some jar close to essential us oil and evaporated use [music]
  • 04:02: It works great cost was the basis I I think still can Of course you have to chamber is not visible results but result justify right I know super with pleasure work with it and how to call him fasting is not fasting but I like so much can be due to the flavor It may be due to the fact It is so beautiful I advise everyone to work try everything all Thank you for your attention and
  • 04:30: until the next meeting [music]