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  • 00:00: Friends greet well that went for either no secret before than something to cook for First you need to and prepare the items for this we have work Bulgarian to hold blanks especially small It is as well as possible By the way here are clamping wheels mechanism planted on the axle Twist-Resistant screw we thereby adjustable force blank holder area agree that cut the workpiece so very
  • 00:30: conveniently then we have here such magnetic mass design to ugliness simply as housing It uses clip the bearing that is inserted into a suitable the diameter of the magnet thanks to no rigid fixation a magnet weight very easy to clean by adhering debris and as you can see work with it very convenient
  • 01:03: after welding seams relies handle personally I like how sweep fiber handle circles cube 2 from the throne 3m Company as abrasive to them coated fine grain prismatic ceramic alumina with sweep grinders should be kept under a slight angle metal removal
  • 01:30: is very quick as you can see on Circus virtually no damage it no details leap of quality processing highly good also I recommend try cutting wheels cube throne 2 I think they deserve your attention But interestingly way of organizing workplace svarochnik is set to roller and hanger which in turn all moved by directing a ceiling so there is no way
  • 02:00: necessity pull device especially if it is true not far from easy and the Now the supply cables on top of that in my look also very conveniently Well, now look very cool functional mobile welding table under the small things there's a tool with one such trays end is extender work surface another there are places for trimming to
  • 02:32: were surface flush there is a regulation height also have hooks and space for bottom clamps It is a shelf front there are still one box I think that small things much like the look mobile racks on wheels with corner clamps 4 such racks will
  • 03:00: excellent assistants in welding rectangular design and thanks to clamps is on not a comfortable height You have to perform work on koryachkah here's another one locksmith version Stand on it for example, you can post or vise or anvil do here this the mounting table immediately comfortable located necessary
  • 03:30: instrument well, at last very interesting allowing stanochek quickly and accurately drill hole in the pipe at one axis Friends recently lost time schedule but exit rollers now I think all return to their place on Saturdays again be able learn for yourself I hope that the necessary and helpful as possible after will discuss it is in the comments on the this goodbye and good luck