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Rafaello's cake - the Recipe of the Grandmother Emma

Rafaello's cake - the Recipe of the Grandmother Emma  See details »

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  • 00:00: [music] hello today my granddaughter, Daniela and I her grandmother, MA We are preparing a cake raffaello raffaello cake is delicious and delicate and beautiful dessert prepare cake raffaello on this recipe without added flour you believe it like the first prepare the workpiece cream in a bowl
  • 00:32: grind 400 grams white chocolate saucepan, bring to a boiling 600 ml cream fat content of not less than 30 percent [music] pour hot cream prepared chocolate and mix up
  • 01:00: complete dissolution chocolate [music] We give a little cool cover with a lid and ship in Refrigerate for 5-6 hours
  • 01:30: prepare coconut Split cake diameter 26 form centimeters lined with paper baking and lubricates butter is set aside [music] in a bowl break 6 add a pinch of eggs salt 350 grams of sugar
  • 02:01: mix [music] put the egg-sugar mixture on a waterbath and all the time please be stirring to a temperature of 60 degrees Celsius
  • 02:37: emptied egg-sugar mixture in mixer bowl and whisk until lush mass [music] in the process of whipping mixture must cool
  • 03:01: to room temperature while egg sugar the mixture is whipped in bowl, mix 250 grams of coconut chips and 100 grams almond flour This reception is possible use only as your chips then we need it 350 grams
  • 03:35: the whipped egg-sugar mixture neatly in one direction interfere mixture and coconut almond flour our website videoculinary.ru section and cakes cakes you will find coconut recipe cake of it cookie recipe macaroon and other
  • 04:00: recipes [music] spread coconut biscuit batter in prepared form flatten bake coconut cake with at 180 degrees Celsius about 30 minutes as the readiness
  • 04:32: always check the wooden stick ready biscuit We take out of the oven cool give minutes spread on ten wooden board or grill cooled cake Cover with a towel and leave the rest for five or six hours rub the sponge on coarse grater
  • 05:12: take out the cream off of chocolate refrigerator and whisk mixer on high speed until receiving sumptuous smooth and very Delicious cream Be careful not to perebeyte cream
  • 05:30: it is impossible to interrupt creamy cream white chocolate can be use for filling and decorate cakes and cakes and can be served as independent dessert most recipes a variety of cakes and cakes you will find on our website videoculinary.ru section cakes and pastries
  • 06:00: add cream biscuit crumbs carefully mix with a spoon for ice cream or other way molding cakes spherical shape caving in coconut flakes
  • 06:33: Put the cake raffaello on board lined with paper Baking and ship in refrigerate at least for one hour an hour later take out very tasty coconut cake raffaello from the refrigerator and We serve a dessert with
  • 07:00: a cup of strong coffee or flavored tea, if desired, can be beautify raffaello almond or my pistachios nuts on our website videoculinary.ru section cakes and pastries you You find the recipe is very tender cottage cheese cake that is not We need the furnace section
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