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  • 00:01: Hello, friends today I will cook stunningly sponge cake for a very This simple recipe recipe called on a hot biscuit milk has he It called American biscuit for cooking This biscuit us It needs to stop 65 grams of flour seth I hung literally weights 60 grams butter 120 milliliters of milk
  • 00:30: 3 eggs and 65 grams granulated sugar so to begin with me will need in milk to dissolve it melted butter Pour in a ladle milk and send there is 60 grams butter and send to argon
  • 01:02: while oil will rastaplivatsya in milk on average fire I add flour 6 grams baking powder but it will be 1 teaspoon a pinch of salt and a spoon vanillin this mixture flour with all
  • 01:30: the rest ingredients we twice Russia Oil has doubled sufficiently heated I almost boil it switch off Yeah, I double-sifted and is set aside and taking capacity that I will whisking eggs I post here 3 eggs and first I'll be a minute beating only one
  • 02:00: eggs the abyss than I minute fluffed some eggs and now I'm in divided doses I mean sugar and now I will whip with sugar for the second time second crop whisking need for one source 4 10 minutes for other minutes in total to weight increased
  • 02:30: several times to get enough sleep the third time the entire sugar and even now all continue beating natural and sugar must dissolve while whipping weight many times increased and and now a few receptions poison referring court flour mixture with vanilla and baking powder, and will stir the bottom
  • 03:00: tidy up here so once again I introduce meal there and again mix carefully bottom up and the last time to get enough sleep the rest of the flour while I stirred flour and egg mixture I once again I bring milk and butter to
  • 03:30: boiling until it be heated not be allowed milk to boil as soon as the first we bubbles milk shoot with oil and two reception I'll post this mixture milk and butter to our test and will stir
  • 04:02: actively and this is the second once all entire mixture I poured into the dough and Now stir here such consistency get the test I cooked form advance me 18 centimeter form
  • 04:30: The split can be taken I do not split mold I sent the bottom of a circle round parchment and He has built up and not just built up and necessary and on the sides in any form this or another but need to do necessarily glassine for tanks and no grease the form of anything not by oil I pour the dough in our form
  • 05:02: oven already heated up to 175 degrees and of baking time It depends on the oven at each is to be in their own way about 25-30 It may be 40 minutes Now I'll put it all and I send our form with the dough in the oven I took 40 minutes He took our cake
  • 05:30: Now we look he completely propoksya I leave it cool off in the form of 15 minutes here such beautiful biscuit in We turned in cooling time he no opal of the easiest The product has received great biscuit it can be done in different ways to decorate possible during when cooking
  • 06:00: you fill layer test small half say sprinkle with a little Cocoa and strainer inside will be very beautiful pictures can now be cut it half biscuit lubricate well, for example apricot jam top cover sour cream or who what oil She loves to decorate fruit will beautiful cake great biscuit just chudy recipe I think so Now I will cut it and
  • 06:32: show how he I get this inside such a high beautiful biscuit in we had a thank you all for Attention subscribe to my channel all you very best to See you soon