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  • 00:00: [music] 7 exercises to quickly remove fat from the sides often we We forget about the back just because we are not invisible notice how Slouching deprive muscles physical activity result, they become lethargic and appear irritating folds regularly perform these simple but effective exercise for two to three weeks to cause muscle back tone here the first exercise
  • 00:31: tilts forward Stand with your feet Shoulder Width do not lean forward bending the knees try to get hands to the floor for effectiveness exercises you must do two or three approaches performing 10-15 slopes and soon you You notice the good results [music] the second exercise tilts to the side again Stand with your feet Shoulder Width Lift one arm up and put
  • 01:00: hands on the back of the head Take a dumbbell in the other hand, lower it follow short inclinations toward hands with a dumbbell do for 3 sets from 15 to 20 repetitions each to quickly get rid of wrinkles on the sides third exercise push-ups push-ups one of the best exercise to tighten the muscles of the back first take focus lying move the center of gravity on your hands Lower body by bending elbows return to the starting
  • 01:31: position 2 for 3 sets 20 30 push-ups this all you need for strengthening the back The fourth exercise the room to lie on stomach and stretch your arms forward fold back raising hands head legs and clasp ankle arms take a deep breath and linger in this position for few seconds muscles relax on exhale and return to initial position regularly perform
  • 02:00: exercise for October 26 seconds and soon you You notice a change fifth exercise boat to start Lie on your stomach and stretching his arms and legs simultaneously raise your hands and feet arching back stay in this position number seconds later Return to start position to look chic do three or four approach 15 to 20 repeats every six exercises
  • 02:31: lifting and upper back on gymnastic share for all stomach on Position the ball feet hands shoulder-width apart connect at the back lift and lower your shoulders and upper back keeping the neck straight in order to get a nice contoured back follow approach 1 February 12-15 repetitions the last exercise bridge this exercise extremely but can effectively
  • 03:00: be dangerous without training urged him Only a couple of weeks of regular training with previous exercises for start, lie on your back and bend your lap push palms to the floor above head gently lift the hips and shoulders and bending your back Hold on a few seconds the top point gently return to initial position follow approach 1 February 35 seconds to goodbye forever with bored and folds This video was you
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