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  • 00:00: Hello friends today we are together with you prepare delicious festive red velvet cake for a birthday with you today Elena to find your channel recipe and friends we together with you prepare festive cake festive that can decorate any anniversary do we are preparing a surprise red velvet he very popular It is known worldwide sponsored by Andy is a chef for our recipe necessarily need
  • 00:30: will dye gel we take america color the best principle you can buy in confectionery stores are also to we present chocolate aftertaste we need good and quality cocoa friends as well as the attention he does not overdo it that he did not eclipsed color our cake all the rest food enough simple that we
  • 01:00: there every day the fridge for biscuit us You need flour 65 of 300 grammes we it necessarily as we sift We sift cocoa 2 teaspoons as I He said cocoa better enough to take quality to have He was a real the taste of chocolate is not so go too far and not way I once I shifted and color I changed to dark so be
  • 01:30: you are welcome caution necessarily sieved to taste I will I add a pinch of salt to sponge it a little taste, and 2 we place brackish teaspoons baking powder biscuit we will have to addition oil so baking powder needed add a lot of 2 I teaspoons I add here we
  • 02:00: just exactly 10 grams I did not measure I will get enough sleep the whole 10 grams, we need to I poured out a prescription all stirred all dry ingredients and go to the next part we need to knock with eggs eggs you whisking need necessary sometimes say that's something at we have not raised cake then the UN and we heavy course friends necessarily follow technology is
  • 02:30: very, very important I force down three hundred eggs gramis grams Sahara As you know I am very I love to save less baggage sugar but friends are not in the the recipe for our prescription us It will need 300 grams Sahara I prepared this cake and I put less sugar here in this case not to save We do not have enough adding sugar in parts three times in the whip
  • 03:00: foam so good frayed eggs here with sugar tricks and do not forget add vanilla sugar add one teaspoon. everything as it should stir Friend We also our biscuit we place one teaspoon spoon and soda and I immediately also I came to 200 250 milliliters of kefir I poured into a stirred
  • 03:34: bowl here also I pour vegetable oil carefully all mix now our oily the mixture we add dye America Komarov added his will and 7 of 8 grams here in this jar 21
  • 04:01: gram will add somewhere I have 3 parts I add to the eye in this manner I stirred why gel dye we add it here not because the dough that place in Moscow in part of it is better dissolve, and so we are friends well as he cooked dyes we have a uniform color bright and just what we wanted five minutes I
  • 04:31: I spent to to achieve such a light color and we are with you must now all all All our ingredients All three ingredients You must be mixed into one I do it a bowl first turn add egg mixture then oil pastry Our biscuit and ready I'm happy the result of course you can tell only when we prepare cakes
  • 05:00: Well anyway the main part of our made we have left them just be drinking scintilla and us for that required form You can take the form of split any we is a form of 22 centimeters since our biscuit It contains a large quantity baking powder and baking soda yet I will not not close grease they are great and so depart from form biscuit
  • 05:30: or the test I gave stand so earned kefirchik that all we good ingredients She stood a little we disgrace bubble and I'm one and often results I am leaving the second part I will do the cake and 2 I do it by eye and everything is quite thick biscuits and I necessary because that the knock that he neat and evenly distributed over
  • 06:00: I send the form the first cake in heated oven friends our biscuits ready as a check our readiness biscuit propyl who you or not, we certainly check the toothpick can be checked by multiplication So I pressed a finger dent business and she recovering biscuit completely it becomes exactly then it is good propech he's a color he now we it is necessary to cut
  • 06:31: that is, and cut off tank and cut off the top to have more less than you it turned out exactly I took just such a the shape of the plates and Now with a knife I will cut tank that we have had so more or less exactly the cuts will come in handy cake decorating I I put in a separate cup to biscuit was He finished with us
  • 07:00: must be very air and thus loose, he certainly there is looseness he great crushes crumble it with us air porosity it was to cake perfect it biscuit necessary to stand on four hours to days an upper portion and a cake I also rented a small not stabbed it will cut better
  • 07:31: make a large knife Now it's bumps we should need to cut at fame baking it happens nothing serious everything goes to jewelry watch Here's a he with us bright beautiful real red velvet I will show what he very soft looseness well seen seen
  • 08:01: he just air but to have our cake was I have a great biscuit ladies stand 12:00 I leave him the night and wrapped plenochku can be removed can refrigerate put it in a cool place the second cake and I just crop the So friends, we We proceed to the second of the preparation cake of course is I tested the cream cook different creams that's it directly red velvet say
  • 08:30: that the most unfortunate Best Best Cream red Velvet is certainly the cream cheese for his cream us need 200 grams of butter butter oil to give We shall find softened so here it is in we have good knocks it is desirable to take fat content of 82 percent but if not tried but prepared it is desirable to better I astray
  • 09:00: I spread butter pour about grams icing sugar and powdered sugar will add parts first vysyplyu 50 grams and then [music] [applause] I pour the second pack powdered sugar and as all good I whip you and beat butter with
  • 09:30: sugar and often added cream cheese cheese You can take different varieties and friends so I I spread all cream cheese and how should all shake up you need to shoot down so that cheese yellow status acquired this cream is creamy state and acquired lightness So we continue to
  • 10:01: friends our cream is ready beautiful air light is very beautiful a great texture I tidy aside and we you start collect our cake and without good biscuits you were in once the refrigerator I had to eat cake's not directly from the you Stoyanova biscuit its not something that we eat it was inconvenient even impossible to cut and put in a plate here and so he
  • 10:31: extensively I do not crumble and fell really cream mingled with biscuit if you make cake be sure to let please biscuit stand our biscuits and two days lay in refrigerator here such are we remarkable porous soft and the However, our biscuit I am ready for cake on a plate which we will spread the cake and I grease a small amount of oil
  • 11:00: to our well-cake stay and not go in form I spread on him biscuit visual whole cream I divide into three parts as we have three grease our cakes it is not our thin bed and the layer should be thickness of its decent It must be one centimeter accurate We review all the edges
  • 11:30: they we should be very very good missed the mark necessarily second spread biscuit and so friends so we put the cream the thick layer so we are fine soaked to We had a successful cake that we will yet it prepared just as should we coat and a third side edge
  • 12:01: of the cream we I left tidy we coat all sides and so we are very friends very good disguised cake we all cream and here here she was left two spoons Of course I have it I make use on top of which you have there we have a little bit away from home for us to have stayed with your baby from biscuit course for two days of it dried up it became dry
  • 12:30: if you cook directly into On the same day it is better dry duhovochke not high temperature somewhere at 50 degrees probably 30 minutes on 40 is ground our wigs biscuit and blender's Friends we've got you Here's a baby which really I remind velvet I think this baby
  • 13:00: a must do the right thing you need to create correct external view our cake I did spread crumb the top and around the edges of cake sides [music] very good Mug falls on the cream straight wonderful cream the texture is very good great circle little sticks
  • 13:33: I lift the top so our tithe that they really resembled velvet cake I sprinkled all edge all rovnenko looks great and festive course it can be put like cake, we decided decorate the most a simple manner Now using marshmallow marmalade we have it toothpicks Jacob cake obtained quite nicely
  • 14:01: festive and somehow looks very beautifully here such here Of course things can and nuts to decorate see how you I want to also decorate here so that we It was on holiday Friends steal you cake for a holiday under the mood seeing this cake home that never buy of course you want
  • 14:30: try today we are degus wash it will not because that the peak of his and I prepared his in-law's birthday try and estimate I also I want you we have prepared cake recipe tried tasted decorated and to raise your mood relatives and close Remember friends put us huskies and write comments necessarily subscribe to our find your channel recipe