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"Норвежский Роман" salad; You it Will Prepare for Every holiday | Salad with Salmon of a |olg Matvei  See details »

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  • 00:00: Hello this channel ready to forgive and I Olga Matthew today We will prepare here such a beautiful salad which is called Norwegian novel this salad can be prepared for any holiday to any table but most importantly I I call this salad but I think so whenever you prepared e.g. dinner he noticed Moms and salad and a side dish I entree [music]
  • 00:35: not need leaves salad for decoration can do without them means rice has cooked 125 gram in salted water here I Canned salmon but can to take the taste of mackerel just be different salad natural salt here I just worn raw carrots one piece big on greens dill a lot here
  • 01:00: a sheaf three large cucumber standing next to the mayonnaise necessarily lemon I actually need juice lemon and a big bulb pan poured oil it began warm up here send and carrots it will fry in fact it should be saute carrots you need to add salt and reduce fire because they do not need golden issue how to carrots gold and that's it only should based onion you need to cut it
  • 01:31: so thin thin then look at I large onion because in half and still time in half and now a thin carrot ready means too a long time she did not preparing minutes 8 military not longer we shift in small plates and We do not give good cool Only oil-free onions They cut too we shift and Squeeze the juice of lemon, I I will use Today, half of the juice lemon but if you like sourness in salatinku good use
  • 02:00: straight juice of a lemon and lemon no use vinegar juice of a lemon fill it like this onion then the rest of you need I will watch vlogs add a little more pepper because in fact he is It will be a little under pickled like this the reserve single platter without excess fluid fork mash fish dill small shot parsley in this salad better not use it such broadleaf
  • 02:30: we are very beautiful looks send dill small container here will interfere ukrov with cucumbers cucumber chop like this along plates Now cut here such slices not only large Now mix cucumbers and dill when salewa cravings Rtsy not because they need
  • 03:00: start up the juice of this do not have to cucumber gives fresh and simple pohrustyvaet Put the rice in down is such a framework Salad this salad It is good that he is not must be impregnated all night so you preparing extends hour and you are applying for it table When they piled in salted water well nevertheless slightly prisolit top we send mayonnaise I want to say that instead of rice here can be used potatoes
  • 03:31: like a little bored in salads so the rice is very Well now put here you can fish use sardine general sardine such universal it is suitable for fish salads such he simply due to the fact that holiday we took pink salmon is now also mayonnaise but only lubricate here a thin layer of juice Archery need lemon drain the ship onions look like nice to say over archery means
  • 04:00: I love little sourness in bows so I add lemon or vinegar, but well, who does not like you can leave it raw crunching under his id with Fish is a very delicious so you can safely remove the onion cut it and not but with a pickle slightly sour delicious look at carrots she was passaged beautiful colors do not zazharistaya will take juicy good sweet carrot give such sweets all over the dish Here, too, mayonnaise
  • 04:30: not need much just a little to know like this all is good was illuminated Now we go to sleep cucumber [music] look how beautiful indeed somehow spring-well, Generally very beautiful But in this form, obtyanut food film or so leave on hour and a half brew and before feed salt now do not need do not it is necessary that the juice does not let cucumber again with a sweet serving
  • 05:00: table course salt the top prisalivaem now We will be cut so try a salad Well look like out very Now beautifully bright then try see here is on top of this type of salad As I said here fish and side dish is rice but in general a three-in One really want it try very
  • 05:30: juicy juicy fish very juicy fish-cucumber is very really cool as if there is a side dish directly and immediately with the fish already know and like crunches that there is not Cucumber is kobudo here Presents a very How to beat all together except dessert guys salad just gorgeous cook it not Only on holiday prepare it
  • 06:00: just at home Treat yourself to a very all delicious we recommend thank you they were now to me and undivided prepare salad put the huskies share this video bye Bye