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Adenoides: to delete or not \/ Doctor Myasnikov  See details »

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  • 00:00: I have a question about my child in his baby Now the girl 10 years it constantly constantly runny nose now I do not even have and a pair of temperature years ago we went to Laura to do uzi nose and then ultrasound we were told to you adenosine border area want to remove or not and I Now shooting take a dilemma that is if we remove the some risk and some rice will if we leave all because you can adenoids cure why not formed as a lot of them You know but lymphoid
  • 00:30: ring cloth lymphoid tissue here as the amygdala us indeed often there are problems if it interferes with stupid nasal congestion difficulty in breathing and so on the course Indications for removal can initiate up can they grow again just right to say doctors do not want to want because both We see this border area it still does not prevent breathe and this can but if you live still insist I want what we can and so remove it
  • 01:00: certain percentage of joint decision you and your child primitive operation simple but it is not solve the problems clearly again speak I completed this the idea is enough even cure them You can find the length of the you were asked whether they everything is for a lifetime, I they will not have you You see that we adenoids polyps is growth of more unloading and one tissue in response to Air dry on any other stimuli us
  • 01:31: infection, etc. as a protective barrier they can increase why is the state but it is not forever but Not that disease He knows this is roughly not to mention disease is a condition which may interfere with that person to live can not appear so so this come and we try not to transmit once again because such a thing but it's a slippery prevent 10 must take match at three
  • 02:00: month rose again and will be as if You will not go that prevents blooming and what kind [applause]