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  • 00:00: Hello this The second part Master-class Knitted dresses Manisa Montoro Anthony here to already proceed to knitting hem like You see I have Knit 1 row hem distributed on Picture As I I made firstly in one that's in the arch that we here mta were in terochke I first arch Knit 5 columns
  • 00:31: with sc in next arch and I missed through one's arch I knit three column 1 Air 3 column all in one arch and I provyazyvayu following the arch I do have 3 column 1 air column arches here again missing and following provyazyvaem 5 columns with sc that is, those who by
  • 01:00: It will have the following repeat of the second row similarly fit but first there Unlike in the first place there where we are 5 bars I do in first column relief column provyazyvaem etc. provyazyvaem 3 column with sc in each loop of one and this one last 5 column provyazyvayu also relief column on
  • 01:30: obverse the next I'm there where We had one Air here we are I provyazyvayu post with sc 1 and Air three column with sc ie too same room without her Only the first row conversely the following is also the most provyazyvayu column 3 bar air and with sc and perry horror and goes on where there were 5 columns with
  • 02:01: sc 1 relief three conventional column with sc and the last fifth and the lion is not so I will I knit to the desired length I will gain to do this is at the expense of line is we are columns with sc on the edges will go and raised on columns front side here the same column are simple and here will go
  • 02:31: gain that is there where I need to I will just add one loop provyazyvat none column with a sc two columns I ended link the first part of the hem I ended up with an increase in I came here apart from relief columns 15 columns with sc and proceed to the final part or rather almost
  • 03:00: final parts third figure I have knit 1 row distributed pattern that's what I came I explain how to fit one report in the first place deal done here 3 air hinges lifting it instead column with sc knit one Air loop here loop missed I have done in a column with sc ie knit a window again make
  • 03:31: a cat that is here the air loop loop here Skip column with more nakida 3 air loop here 3 loops loops miss and do in a first loop 2 column with sc the next one bar and even in following the third loop and two column from the sc everything should work 5 bars again
  • 04:00: Three air and doing We miss three loops further pattern Repeat this 1 This rapport was Exactly one slave knit until the end Adam and I just turned 16 works second row I make three air hinges instead of lifting column with sc
  • 04:30: provyazyvayu one air loop and sc doing here in this window and in doing column with sc in window provyazyvayu more one air loop the next column I I do next window that is where I Knit do again air loop and now make a column from here in sc column ie
  • 05:02: previous row we There were two cat now we should become three windows I do three air the peak of this one element it will go no snakes unchangeable until no increases of the there is a 1 column I provyazyvayu relief embossed with a column sc on front side
  • 05:32: Column 3 provyazyvayu without unchanged and that's the last columns and provyazyvayu relief column with sc on the front side of the there is one element of our yet will not go changed from one hand maidens for not other reliefs and 3 generally mid column, and again cause
  • 06:01: 3 air loop for it's our rapport ends below we repeat it so until the end of a series of 3 number We need connection let the water column and cells and here we do 3 air hinges instead of lifting column with sc
  • 06:30: provyazyvayu 2 more aircraft and it is in this I second the window I make a post with sc provyazyvayu 2 more aerial loops and next window third case also column with the sc here in this series have We should get
  • 07:00: Two large for such window I further provyazyvayu 3 overhead loop I said this one element is unchangeable I knit element and Now I'm doing three and air, and report at I repeated a number 4 I was also the case 3 stitches lifting provyazyvayu
  • 07:34: three more aircraft loop and it is in this the second column I I do not bar nakida again provyazyvat three aircraft and it is in this column do a column with sc that is, in the fourth
  • 08:01: series we have this element provyazyvaetsya and here also remains ie unchanged and here are three air relief Conventional column 3 column, and again relief here 3 air also loops that is here this item it completely we are changes to Throughout's this figure will be change only here this item
  • 08:31: I start knitting 5 provyazyvayu series 3 air hinges Lifting doing two more loops in the same loop I provyazyvayu another column with sc ie the bar Air column 2
  • 09:00: provyazyvayu five air and there where I had a column without sc in the same matter it is no bar sc five air in a column I I do 1 with column 2 nakida
  • 09:32: air and also here column sc that is, that's what we It turns 6 series I He reached the summit at a column right here at de middle we had knit two loops column with a 2 sc air bar with Now I sc provyazyvayu 3 aerial loops and there where's arch we have from
  • 10:00: five aircraft I'm doing a column without sc in the very arch provyazyvaem 5 air and just do a column without sc in following the arch of five aircraft This same three air and over here
  • 10:30: barge I do column sc with 2 air column with that nakida it turns out well, there the same number of 7 and I already reached the middle of the connection column I made three air lifting loop I provyazyvayu here yet one bar with sc 2 do
  • 11:01: air and here provyazyvayu 2 more column with sc provyazyvaem 5 stitches and do connective column here this arch of five air 5 more stitches
  • 11:34: and that's already here doing two columns with sc 2 two air column with 8 sc number I reached mid Vera provyazat 2 columns
  • 12:00: two air two column is now provyazyvayu 3 air loop and here here in the first arch I do not bar sc provyazyvaem 5 stitches and I do not bar sc in next arch three more of air and
  • 12:31: here provyazyvayu veerochek ie I make two columns two air two column following Rita Butcher given seventh and eighth row so I will write to not necessary length and in the end I made a number of I will proceed to binding
  • 13:00: visas Podiatry is to harness the last row firstly I last I have a number of knit there where we get 3 arch that is 10 March air-five Air and peak air is to that then was to binding pattern and so I got to the middle and I made three air lifting loop Now provyazyvayu here one more column
  • 13:31: with nakida provyazyvayu 3 aerial loops and the third loop from the hook test itself which provyazyvali 1 I provyazyvayu in it connective Body column in the peak and Now here I provyazyvayu 2 more column with sc provyazyvayu three
  • 14:00: air and already here in this arch of five Air I also provyazyvayu 2 columns 3 stitches making hemp and here is another 2 column with sc that is, that's what
  • 14:30: it turns out there is such a paint that is currently Again I do three air and again provyazyvaem 2 column two columns I'll do this one element 2 column pic-code column here here provyazyvayte then I will make three air and ears I make this item 2 Pitka column two column here here here
  • 15:01: that eventually get here I knit one column with peak that is, the middle It obtained in the third column so provyazyvaem until the end series and this and binding ends I started to the final stage Knitted dresses is I frills here sagging scraper the first row on the bodice
  • 15:33: I mean provyazyvayu column, without sc and 7 air column without here I sc missed about 4 loop and attach provyazyvat them under her table without so nakida as though here I provyazyvayu relief column Only here, without sc
  • 16:00: this is the first 2 series alternation of the same peak and arches flowers are located on the neckline necks and on the sleeves of the second I provyazyvayu number three air peak then another 4 counting down here three
  • 16:31: loop and the fourth I make a connection column ie provyazyvayu with whom three more aircraft hinges and body bar without sc in following the arch so I provyazyvayu another and I knit 2 arches ACNP and now we
  • 17:02: is arches with a flower 3 also provyazyvayu aerial loops and more 4 sc and do the fourth loop of I'm doing the hook column with sc
  • 17:34: three air provyazyvaem and do connective column in the same loop where I did a column with sc ie provyazyvayu flower as a I provyazyvayu it on sleeves and flower so I Knit three air provyazyvayu and here in the next arch I do not bar
  • 18:00: sc and so dress I drove to the end of all It took me 7 cups more precisely 6 and a half I take apart overview this dress it will look after As I was floating on his and send a love and this I have all if you like This master class put his fingers up and subscribe to my
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