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  • 00:00: Good evening friends my you are again on the channel quick and tasty where I bearded tell We show you simple recipes simple and I would He said sometimes simply delicious dishes and today I I show you how I German cooking car forgives stewed sauerkraut cabbage this to a piece of very and they love Germany eat it always everywhere with various fatty meat dishes with your favorite sausages and
  • 00:30: sausages in cabbage can always found in different kind of beer restaurants in Moscow any city of Russia any other major and more or less fine city in the world but I have al cabbage is also very I love her so cook pretty often not very often somewhere 1 month about I cook top penny Actors have pickled cabbage we need about a liter sauerkraut
  • 01:01: Unfortunately prepares himself I do not sauerkraut I know how it is said This cabbage booze my parents so do not ask me how and just decorate enter the store or some grandmothers to the market and buy meter sauerkraut on us You need one apple here is such a green apple does not not very sweet very sour a cross between and service sweet sour-sweet apple short large
  • 01:30: lanes 2 cloves garlic and all the dishes are very nothing more simple You do not need to cons He loves to add here different berries cranberries and lingonberries plum but I do not like I do not I can add add here yet some have legs but it taste let parsley here it does not hurt but Sorry currently out of gas on replacement and so escape
  • 02:00: But with this very so it will be normal We went so mean companions step number one is sauerkraut wash cabbage that is, cabbage that's our sauerkraut you need to clean out the of brines which it floats to it It was less sour to stay clean but without the cabbage itself excessive acid this take drushlak cabbage in it
  • 02:32: hand went affairs throw out to the launch so here and wash here and so wash washed out from there the additive
  • 03:00: Nothing new for they were I think the party and oblo Now help health following Party will start the heat frying park So we proceed to Step number two and namely cake jealous onions and garlic here at me ready 2 onions
  • 03:31: 2 o'clock us first Garlic is the way must first prepare pan pour on pan what some oil We put on a do not but not very big much small fire and now look that's something like such 1 so we are to brown the garlic in first bath walks it always garlic can be cut and
  • 04:00: can be here and so just laugh and We get such excellent crushed cloves laughter all excellent you can say as a game cut rub on grater I prefer the flesh it is convenient and fast great post garlic to frying it is roasted in our somewhere it marks 4
  • 04:32: task to give oil its flavor while we shall cut onions like this here semicircles here are shorter here sex rings you can chop the onion and when fry garlic add onions to It's simple
  • 05:01: as simply so here garlic shkvarchit but to him there was not much alone add to it its best friend is onion together they will there is a lot of fun very well and onions stirring constantly fry somewhere five miles so here and in Five minutes will already add our
  • 05:30: entree our queen sauerkraut further means comrades my onion ready here to send launch dad ready Do not think that this a lot of cabbage fry and reduced in size very much somewhere about twice therefore, it is quite
  • 06:01: This little hook and and mix and We reserve here This pan and fried on palitsya more precisely in the stew Half an hour after 30 minutes we got ready cabbage but only certainly do not forget just minutes so we 45 mix and necessarily close the lid that it is tushilos they
  • 06:30: fry but just Apples also ask but you are my apples or rather the one apple is in its average size numbers from the skin and from the I had more seeds here and so very fast and easy I rubbed on a simple grated apples is I add cabbage when will be reaches semireadiness let's say that is about 15 minutes here and so rubbed I'll show led servants
  • 07:01: apple prepared rub So this here malic weight I just turned This mass of malic enough to give unusual such variety someone sour and so it is sour course in sweet apple apple flavor It gives Kapustin
  • 07:30: very tasty here so that's 15 minutes I but for now I will add I went to enjoy football on TV you Incidentally important a time when cabbage begins burnt and I I feel that now it is about me can be burnt some water a little Add to add but some water I periodically I say every 45 minutes
  • 08:01: unforgettable stir like this here here and so forth excellent yet all goes according to plan we continue to fry float means so we overcame half ways took 15 minutes it's like time to time I add our
  • 08:33: deepen and apple mix all of this time I was prevented somewhere probably 3 times and another 15 are preparing to minutes about the way time, see for yourself on your cabbage There are different kinds of cabbage prepared on different I have some time I show how it should be
  • 09:01: to look like when it is ready it should be a little bit change the color to become darker brown but a little brown I'm here because sausage fry with these sausages will like just eat cabbage and so friends here and so It looks like our cabbage after she half an hour to extinguish
  • 09:30: well, or rather we do not I put out 35 minutes here so here it is a little I got brown bit color Saute all great now we will try so friends Getting the most delicious part of our our video TV shows try cabbage
  • 10:02: excellent cabbage acid hardly I felt this slightly sour this is precisely opposed stewed sauerkraut cabbage stew usually fresh cabbage Buttermilk and get much tastes of sauerkraut cabbage turns mammolog easy to learn
  • 10:31: sourness spicing and get a very tasty and you became of course German sausage in I have no excuse at I have the usual Shops here are Kalb's heart but
  • 11:00: John must come down I love Class I like hope if you like you suddenly decide repeater 3. I sure that you I like it
  • 11:33: It was such a bricks still German cabbage again again until cabbage fine suitable fried journey we had a dish which is so loved German example roasted information in Grilled sausages on personal approach saws
  • 12:01: Germans can not live without beer they both know a lot about the fact that well suited to this drink, I also I know yummy debt [music]
  • 12:30: Well comrades, I will eat up and you but jealous of Lucy Liu because each of you can cook for her the kitchen and the same dish in just 30 minutes but those who pleasant place huskies subscribe to my channel, and if you not signed and write that your comments you about this I think you I say goodbye to new all meetings until