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  • 00:12: Hello to you again I Instructor Yoga Pilates you look and work lanes and the theme of our today's issue anti-stress from hard working mode or found way flow of life negative
  • 00:30: information from Internet of TV even on the streets because of the crush in the metro crowd on the bus street and just we come home evening nerve tired and angry to do this to we feel better and we smile could go cook dinner pet dog or just be happy achievement baby we do not offer such a small complex that will itself include
  • 01:01: deflections smooth he movement quite beautiful but women will appreciate it is for him and us you need to relax your mind and it was he who us It helps to relax his body perception to focus on to make it as beautiful and graceful as a dumb themselves so I start select house space as always isolate
  • 01:30: yourself here by of the world maybe it's some kind of one room suit even your bedroom honest approach even your say bed because exercises in soft and quite you they can do if you have enough a rigid frame mattress you can on It is done here little will work with the balance that you too like if you have a strong table top or The rooms are located Spread it your pad on it for
  • 02:02: First, we must calm pranayama we have not yet been never their classes it is ordinary breathing Exercises I will give very simple that restore your rhythm calms the heart and cleanse the thoughts say so for this you not sit comfort zadergivat in need lotus points he did not can do when you can do so if you do so You can not do
  • 02:30: Place the legs comfortable comfortable Knee comfortable but whether on the stops handles palms up specifically and also to open relax your shoulders Keep circular movement and somknite blade rear rib department of slightly Lift up opening most pupochek and relax in this and let all cover your eyes take a deep breath nose raising
  • 03:01: thoracic upward and down into the stomach relaxed gently note my belly pouted I relaxed and let to flow air do the same We hiked to the top down dropped make at least 10 inhale and exhale down inhale and exhale down
  • 03:33: continue to breath and exhale down more upward inhale and exhale breath Four down and exhale not so important can breathe better while you you feel can relax breathing for a minute and your
  • 04:02: indicator when you you feel that thoughts go away and down on last you tightens the whole your air up and leave it thoracic and hold not breathe I'm talking to you but I Now I do not breathe hold it air compression chest too how you it can comfortably
  • 04:30: be 10 brushes it can be a minute or if you you need to practice long enough hold as may then after when feel that no air enough here falls again through the nose all the way down and repeat breath I hold aloft I am talking to you but I do not I will be with you all
  • 05:00: all you can breathe pause and save this point 3 up and down because that if I breathe we stay here long and down following this shortness of breath you deploy palms on knees forward or to the side
  • 05:30: depends on your mobility pens for what you do You are doing well parse Lopatkin send elbows side of the knee pulling all draw the body up navel and breathe very often but the whole time exhale and cutting up belly down and up and down and try this much faster, too,
  • 06:07: so keep I pause to breathe to tell you You can do this as put 108 times can to do in until you have begin to whirl head and you do slowly exhale thereafter It's part of the work in breath work abdomen you still time to pull
  • 06:30: let off trice Remember to let about beautiful belly or simply press concentrate on and I breath with me little will continue exit and relaxed you're back maybe catch your breath someone unaccustomed head is spinning continue to work
  • 07:00: already moving on to exercise century raises hand chest rises Front pull shoulders little chin up also seeks up but pull all body stretching you go down the palm on flat handles much We have reached and more creeping crawl crawled and lowered forehead if you are not obtained a maybe you are somewhere here
  • 07:31: on this condition We left nothing terrible tips fingers you go top of you Rails and you aiming belly go down fill his air or I I call to make pregnant woman and drag belly down Feels like you flex in waist and with time your stomach about push you below, you go relaxed slope pulling the body with
  • 08:00: from his wave again up and down inhale exhale pulled stretched They stretched and lowered forehead and come up exhale well Drains are not just pick namely hands Stretch and made the handle as far as then another forward teach the head of the palm
  • 08:30: carry bit forward on his knees cups you climb bet feet to the width of the hips pulled and We buckled down keep skin weakened all vertebrae belly you pull down the furnace Gather and enter palms seek push off well navel pull down then all up cat it takes a smooth any movement
  • 09:00: Accounts slowly up slow down foot move in and out of the poles this position you those knees straight and you go directly to hill everybody knows we piled into a hill blades collided hands hands knees smooth heel pressed to floor belly button pulled in and sega even just once repeated knees lowered We buckled down
  • 09:32: buckled and upward and from this position you pushed from the hill slowly as dance three times repeated knees down cat cat down up and slide stretched back already here you will feel
  • 10:00: pleasant relaxation of you back again bed my knees we continue to work level position with we add something new feet We relax take our left leg and beautiful plants ago in one level you We put on a sock deploying our right leg to the corner 90 degrees pushing you to draw slightly forward
  • 10:30: simultaneously Lift the handle and disclose See the hand Lower left leg on the whole foot and push floor thigh a little push Forward handle right push down on the floor keep it the situation here you hold the breath 10 then you exhale change position hands allot
  • 11:00: a little bit ago Useful place the affairs up again hold 10 breaths aiming relax your hand again catch the shoulder and under the body weight throw it back handle Left not overreach it anywhere relaxed and shoulder she goes back your movement only hip up push in the palm of polo and lifting
  • 11:30: people to the ceiling after 10 breaths you roundabouts blade will lower Caiaphas palm on a place deploy kneecap forward take away leg to the starting position in the width hips and do the same same on the other foot smooth beautiful lower the sock in about one with the heel level deploy Foot-in angle 90
  • 12:00: degrees pushing the bucket while raising handle Repellent la tua support it no longer in sight palm launched foot firmly pressed to floor then pushed thighs slightly forward 10 breaths after what you deploying shoulder thoracic ceiling and relaxed grip
  • 12:30: seek another slightly bend 10 breath exhalation circular blade movement immerse in the harmony a place deploy kneecap forward take away second leg in starting position and drag in the hill raising the knees We are working on retained position static slides, too 10 breaths after
  • 13:01: which are working again we have a variation of the cat but only slides Then you go on socks tighten knees thorax With belly between the thighs and looking forward chin drag also forward Maintain a healthy weight socks on his hands continue 10 repel the house
  • 13:31: exhalation movement of the buttocks slightly up you feeling sag waist after how you did it, you is rounded back and on tiptoes cat up only in the hill hand MTS makushechku He looks between his hands you on tiptoes you drawn tummy hold action breaths and
  • 14:00: return heels on place trimmed hill and again our beautiful zakidushka take left step from the right heel close put launched leg is also one level raise beautiful left and finalizing hip
  • 14:30: pushup draw in musculoskeletal hold 10 breaths after then cast your the handle back, too return roundabouts arm return stop return second and drag
  • 15:02: slides slowly gently keep it position until completely restore and the other leg You cast your in step It takes place on socks musculoskeletal disclose a pen and retract support hip little
  • 15:31: pushed forward 10 breaths after then deploy shoulder 10 breaths slowly in a circle return arm return leg Take a second correct position slide drop your knees
  • 16:02: sign those legs and you returning to initial position I sipped full water recovery and slow breathing climb transplanting me and shits comfortable placed in the exhalation reached the well, as in
  • 16:30: beginning and exhale folded handle news thanked himself for training thanked her body and thanked your water lanes for opportunity study at home with you Yoga instructor Pilates and I hope after our training your stress and go a bit off