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Restoration of a chair: How to make a chair with own hands. A master class from Katerina Sanina: design, interior  See details »

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  • 00:00: Hello my Sanin name Katerina I am a designer and decorator for many years I have been working with interiors and today I want to tell you about how to draw from here such terrible and at first glance the right of the chair here such a beautiful fashion and very attractive item entry if you're interested Stay with me, I explain how it make the points So the first thing we I need it change of clothes
  • 00:30: when you have dressed next we need for Restoration of the chair is Sandpaper it sold construction shop principle can be taken such as not too small not much large graininess us need primer when I selling primer traders said that you can not even shkurit but I know that the paint it would be better to stay If skin is still used sandpaper primer us need brushes different sizes us
  • 01:01: need gloves and we need paint and we need trash bags great for so that we can Cover the work space so as not to This stain can be to do on the street but the most important rule it might not rain, and of wind and so the first thing we do it cooks currently working surface I took in this the case of a large package for garbage turning a style it on for
  • 01:35: We put the chair and the first we do shoot seat as we You need to make preliminary work now we focus our attention on the seat as you see seat enough both screw expects now like to speak very vintage and Now our task Now it will be removed All this stuff here
  • 02:02: which it is, and base primed since the primer is still a bactericidal means that necessarily handle it all surface so start just lived little secret how use Gloves those who you have already removed them you gut-wrenching and so hard enough turn out for to each donut so you and how to take the ball just to let here very convenient and fast
  • 02:32: practical unscrew and how the ball just to the spend time just when you We did everything the necessary work then in order to avoid dirty interior of the gloves you have them here so you shoot 1 Come here and so well, now we proceed to the
  • 03:01: razdelyvanie this seat better to do it in all gloves here glued lived here before the spiders so we do not need some additional tools we easy enough We get rid of all this old strongly I recommend not get rid pull the top so
  • 03:31: as a matter of the frequency of disinfection It must still be come first plan if you have opportunity apply someone in furniture shop can really just This new cut graying we this case a capabilities so we just restored available then we clean the dust and dirt and cover primer and so
  • 04:00: Getting primer primer necessary and as I said that primer has bactericidal properties handled well the entire surface when primer wet White has here such view that it is very good immediately obvious where you are primed and where still have to handle when all all primed part we reserve
  • 04:30: dry this part and so this chair I primed and primer that He spoke before several times on skin and love once again about the rebel ideal primer not to write on jar drying time ideally wait day we have two primer layer left on more than two day Shkurina and now we we can start directly to staining the first Council better to start
  • 05:00: stain of internal parts for to it later dried up and yet in fact We simply do not chair painted more parts for which you can take it and reversed as yet little one life hacking for to paint more than once using brush not spill eh you do not get dirty gloves did not get on the floor and so on clothes Then you can use here a piece of cardboard pounce sized banks NATO
  • 05:31: if you have little Of course if the jar big bank you use a tray and roller and just like that you open paint take a brush and Getting us a chair we just no stain craquelure decoupage and sostarivanie no effects if you want such effects you can have them easy to find
  • 06:01: Internet open spaces Here I I am using acrylic summer colors influenza in I have not had the desired I was a little shade I mixed from the two colors that I there are paint It did not have smell and she environmental in Basically it is safe It can be painted and then use even the furniture children if you want to achieve
  • 06:30: maximum effect Then the new chair Of course you should apply more additionally sanding additionally some primer to be fill in all the cracks and all of you are one and bugs holes in this case I I want to achieve the effect of just such a home made hands restored chair so I do not do we helmet two cover layers and in the same way as with primer must wait
  • 07:00: first layer dried at least one day the second layer can have wait that the period indicated on paint cans when it dries if you soiled when we were the case I absolutely not worry paint acrylic easily washed up complaints these ones difficult of the most important well primed bactericidal primer properties and those parts that are not visible in the fact can red straight not so much
  • 07:30: to paint because that Su had to stand the other side and you You will not be back peek super convenient adaptation put a brush and We turn over a chair to paint with other hand this case can be Perry was obtyanut also back as the she is not very attractive, but since the chair is no longer once restored the in order to to pull back
  • 08:00: it would be necessary to disassemble completely and he actually it would have been therefore not suitable we simply back to paint the be sure to watch Now for such moments streaks right after They need to paint over clean and shade so would say Estheticians but Basically if you suddenly did not have time and I missed for trash can sandpaper after drying, then
  • 08:30: treat everyone now We are waiting day when dried first layer and overlaid once again been carefully in order was nowhere to gaps and to to lay down paint evenly and now we will start creating here this seating it we aesthetically pleasing and beautiful as the front and so with the underside The parties shall directly to registration We dreaded seat
  • 09:00: now we are dried up We will make him you are very beautiful you can use some upholstery the cloth I love giving things second life so I'll use decorative on shop for pillows there enough dense material it come up and you will be resistant to abrasion and plus we will need what pillowcase here the target for some reason you will learn later as we need scissors as we need Furniture stapler
  • 09:32: just in case it is necessary to launch clips and we will use here such technical batting it can buy any fabric store can be basically use foam but is softer and more comfortable will use just waiting So we begin first what are we doing cut out the necessary us we do not size
  • 10:00: seats set here here as the pillowcases you know very Umeda there's this side which Basically the whole Now we need to have wide edge of the seat put exactly here the edge on the bench and thus may be or to draw any immediately cut giving allowance somewhere 45 we centimeters cut to size our seats we
  • 10:30: cut just two sides Now we will cut required batting size look batting sold footage of himself in Basically 1 layer thin enough unless of course you adherents of a strict some other Rules can be one layer but generally we We use batting 4 layer if you like can be softer Basically even longer
  • 11:00: and then cut The size of our enough seats so dirty the material thereafter necessarily all So wipe see here we have two party, that party that we will at the bottom this side we had which is a batting we cut here there is to such openings
  • 11:30: to firmly seat adjoined on our chair since we This seat should become then and now we fix retreat somewhere in the 5 millimeters from the edge furniture stapler at the same time the furniture we stapler Now fix these particles we grow and
  • 12:03: fix all the batting the perimeter of First, it will convenient to us upholstery attachment secondly, it will also useful when operating chair padding is not with time to get off one side of the same in order to upholstery It does not stray not we rolled down multiple locations
  • 12:30: Only very tight to fix surface now we Getting Started directly to upholstery because we want to we had the beauty and front and the seamy side we decompose face out wrong side inside turned face Dams underside
  • 13:00: put on the edge topic that's left piece just check the event do you have to be Here is a picture and Now on the other side which is all lies we fix st-pier in the distance two or three centimeters from the edge but fix for the convenience of once multiple or Now we put the emphasis But on these parts of the I you I am saying now
  • 13:31: just passing by the perimeter We need not in principle often because we then another on top will close and now we do beauty we close with you Now it's all inside out We folded the here edge and mark up something like that to buckle to such the desired width
  • 14:01: to close we can on our joints really just using glue glue gun to all no traces and could not see what we worked article I'm still here case since it will still wrong side although it will be a aesthetically I Secure all articles 34 centimeters
  • 14:30: fix well, Now collect direct all chair and so we have a hundred remind twice more just two times we treat primer and twice we treat paint to complete Drying this day one layer we have fine for painted here this surface Basically we can when she suddenly crack or something else make tint
  • 15:01: it will be very look beautiful Now we will correct Here is the seat that we happened and you can sit here so we turned interesting beautiful created their hands enough fast easy and simple If you have any what questions any comments or suggestions write in comments this video I happy to answer all your no comments subscribe to my
  • 15:31: channel because I I prepared many useful and interesting information for you to you Balasanyan and Katerina live comfortably and comfortable