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Salatik from a herring. World snack

Salatik from a herring. World snack  See details »

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  • 00:00: [music] hello you welcomes the channel Povarenkov hello Stasik today I will to prepare a salad
  • 00:30: herring but not I was in a regular visiting her A friend here we are there used to Herring under a Fur Coat just herring with onion cream there oil forshmak Here and in a go I tried herring first time and natural right It should be decided introduce all others this dish I mean herring naturally It needed here such a film is then to go quail eggs
  • 01:00: I laid them I boil you know Stasik how to cook quail eggs discuss means they must be put in cold water to bring to boiling and boil for 5 minutes then scare them cold water before they ready to eat but then I still It needs a cucumber green peas onion I marinate lemon juice and
  • 01:30: I'll do it right now [music] squeeze rental more lemon juice will please the fill but so look how much he I want to more runoff you can still squeeze some the stomach will understand But if someone from you bow so angry then you can a little scalded
  • 02:00: boiling water to the bitterness He is gone but I have a sweet onion so good I do not do this means my and the amount of onion here a little chive I entered the floor Lemons and now diluted a little bit of some water from we would get a marinade so here, too, can be seen that covered the entire onion marinade leave pickled onions on the time that I need for to cut herring and cut
  • 02:31: cucumber peredachku cut so that's pieces as you usually served herring a la carte it will puff salad [music] I think that you need to have egg goo scare them cold water
  • 03:01: why I say scared because I so little if sound bypass long and I is the web is not only frightened, and all I taken here is such a burner dish I do not know how else can you here call to the first bed spread herring [music] the greater and
  • 03:30: herring better but yeah not a herring It happens especially when you have a lot of vodka I want to tell you but he does not agree here it's all in herring I have gone great the next layer is cucumber which I cut into strips tell that cucumber has got very aromatic and such
  • 04:00: zelenenky Ideally of course here It would be good to consume fresh small pupyrchatoy cucumber It smells differently from it tastes different Now these artificially grown cucumbers they certainly are good as a replacement for the present but alas!
  • 04:32: Put the cucumber as I have said and on top of herring We spare no cover light of God role of this layer 2 quantity enough this time you see I already threw onion to it from stok marine marina tag all I went out and spread
  • 05:01: again evenly distributed throughout the surface and onion evil previously it scald but if I will evil name scald it robert the next layer go green peas I must say that so very cute obtained a merry zelenenky raising mood we modify
  • 05:30: if you herring in Mafia you can no more oil eat but I herring was own juice and so I'm a little bit our salad shall water Oil can oil take someone Vashkov He likes the smell of someone loves and the smell of sweat love to sunflower radio there blowing on your taste the same again all this beauty beautify quail
  • 06:00: useful eggs Now we will clean 1 2 3 We left our salad beautify take quail egg and cut in two little simpatichnenko but such useful that
  • 06:30: no tale to tell pen describe spread on your discretion it is when will be taken a portion then to each their portion fell number of these remarkable quail eggs to portions frequently count how many servings here Stasik
  • 07:02: if you do you good at school you would know that the 6 eggs divided by 2 will and how many laid two rows turns the same six servings of it one portion a bottle of vodka and so
  • 07:32: my dear necessarily try to apply a snack table I I would tell the world zakuson try and then tell me her you go to my channel sign up you are welcome and to put the Huskies new appointments
  • 08:01: [music]