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  • 00:00: Hello, friends my name is Pavel Bazhenov head school hairdressing Art in Moscow and St. Petersburg we are in St. Petersburg school we Training is a training occupation and we decided to make a video on the topic tapering nape of the neck with the aim of giving softness very important point because most customers in showrooms if we take the average a good salon level then here client that selects for itself
  • 00:30: about haircuts Any such length whether this strict punishment whether it is any Now step bob bob haircut information includes just such embodiment mainly All cells are They want such a hairstyle they want to his head was very soft then there is two traditional request traditional the requirement to make so that his head was perfectly soft and if we look
  • 01:00: such classic well, for example images this is how when I you touch and clearly on his knees, and here such neat zatylochek what what school I remember the first all this is haircuts in the style of the water room mother and that French and if we take talk workshop school that can say that haircuts in the style of Come still clearly geometry prison neat occipital Austria style call with the words well, Wait here have discounts
  • 01:30: options because and if an opposite guitar bath but there Vanga just might be there Tony Inga and different other images ie beginners students in their heads mainly but these creative that's all layers of Saint-Cyr and plans they have first thought that they have a head try cutting out come this way himself everything possible Fighting here fazikom sensing years, but you have understand that Latinka is possible All you want but simply to modify
  • 02:00: did not get that's such a perfect some smooth clear nape I repeat do not know regardless of clearly, this form linear with respect to our curry or concepts it lightly step cutting and here it is necessary to create a also a perfect surface Now I will show the way that relate necro bathrooms old men come up and no slaysing will not be here this it is the technology of creating an ideal smooth surfaces
  • 02:30: But in the area of occipital areas but again I back of the head is divided into two parts here so I hairdryer and drained all here the contrary wet why I do because I I will show tapering technology and straight scissors and thinning and I want to show that actually the result will be virtually the the same and so well because Again, many with Ponte Tomsk master ace raspakovochka and on
  • 03:01: about thinning scissors burn my God what thinning scissors at all shamefully work there I want to give beginners to masters tools at once in hands in the course you can continue train straight scissors work and at the end there for all months there for the year exercises works perfectly but this technology the base immediately method hands to get this work thinning scissors believe you will get the same as a result of the work
  • 03:31: straight scissors Now already specifically Now to the back in this case we have such haircut where upper strand like this overlapping and need that they which turned into principle can be say the same so good personal Milling but if we reduced ruim end hair and they will each for the other to cling here's hair will do to be laid and this will be very tapering will contribute here such retention forms if needed
  • 04:00: very good use all the same tapering end hair and how what It is the main beginner mistakes Masters then they they appeal like it is necessary to understand milling here Grooming is done, they even realize that should be filtered vertical Well that is parted in the middle if the horizontal milling it is very dangerous because that there will form additional strip here is you have You know that we have a law tapering vertical partings and even start collecting vertical partings like
  • 04:31: Basically it is like that is taken strand but that's all all all over the thickness of the layer like this here it is taken here somehow So fingers put here closer to the fingers here on here all hair all top layers in a pile like this We gathered here novice master once this he neglects think of the doctor and that's It is going on here some tapering here is something too well,
  • 05:00: it's time to cut hair lowered tell Do uniformly pro not exactly in the if he were in a dream uniformly so I I propose such a method which enables you sculpture for at systematically profiling all their hair regardless on repeat whether they fall participation in one line or whether they go there with a small stepping stone Technology is one and the the same whether it is good I'll show it first accept then a pair of scissors thinning and so
  • 05:30: The whole secret is that the same way tapering and verification of the occiput is historically beckham you to raise yes who what short neck and Here goes here God it's all about close and as a theme we have this effectively works haircut when we We are working here on finger grip on when a width all the hair with your fingers evenly spread that You need to do that's how something so the device is great horizontal or diagonal
  • 06:00: highlight his first Hair that's a peculiar It reminded corridors already have all the hair cut It has done that is all form all lengths already All this, we trimmed only fillet ruim finalizing here Thus, we obtained layer and that's already in this layer we should take vertical parting lowermost layer hair, and then we
  • 06:30: if we do so here put his fingers look at all the hair strands will evenly distributed and we We will be able to like this way to spend there is a new tapering raised to the desired us to the desired length us about the degree of less Nasty that is it you I did not choose well, I think that it's right very much profile why like this here's a small pointing it call here and so celeron gently let go in We already starts here
  • 07:00: formed here repeat if the flesh you think you need even more well again devote more time the next layer of hair and so here his neatly cling fingers should be try to keep parallel here this endings so time we have virtually correct fingers are almost in horizontally Again the same position take here and so neatly neatly over cling and here all these layers of these layers here so it is possible profile
  • 07:30: because here we not crumpled strands here at in one place all This can be very clearly evenly distribute all of its with tapering and so released and carefully here here But on the end watch it here laid down What other options can be used well can be take here and so here so the upper layers profile on here This type of sleep that these the lower layers stood out served only top but very the most convenient way
  • 08:00: guaranteeing the result is vertical and parting Here tapering so that to do next probably already logic clear after As cool like that Now checks corridor profiling here that your look all you gently falls what should be done necessary if you select next layer about what it we should have thickness of approximately finger grip that's It turns out not to 5 does not have any more still need to place 1 to take your 23 can
  • 08:30: be four times here select vertical parting is already here it will be easier because that the further away from the strand head tow it to them like this way we should to see what is about to Here's the beginning fingers, we should go to top of hair Vladimir layer of hair hair from the lower layer and we will see the extent Nastya is less about for us will model and we must here and so on here continue and it is necessary to perform very
  • 09:01: clearly need to make perpendicular to it some parallel hair if you take it by angle cut away at you will cut herringbone and there will be very soft cut By the way here's a way tapering thinning scissors ensure us from this yes but straight scissors in general, are who disregard thinning scissors they novice master often dooms himself torn haircuts instead of here this stunning softness although repeat final leg scissors
  • 09:30: it is not necessary to turn out just because I fingers should try parallel to this line and distribute scissors in a strictly here along the hairline or in It should never be just ask some corner and thoughtlessly so here cut realize concentration attention when at tapering straight scissors should be very high very but high respectively so so and so on I somehow understood we take the uppermost layer so here and select
  • 10:01: already we feel We are pulled in a little this country again spread fingers become parallel the end of the hair and here and so this Of course this way Well you can do there standing so we can become can someone do so here and here in this way distribute scissors well that is put scissors it has options Now let this the amount of which varies who made wet because
  • 10:30: hair is more important obedient, and I want you show how make thinning scissors on the actually all the same same distribution Select layers just but let's say thinning scissors must be very such fine teeth and it is important that Now this is not the first tooth It was very thick There are some such scissors when 1 clove for not by three teeth thickness, and when we're We start cutting us created by this
  • 11:00: teeth very cutouts cool it is necessary to follow up on this and so we do everything too, most just We distinguish accurately locks and distribute parallel fingers end hair only if we already thinning scissors we can do it so here enough free we can not safely be sure to like this here you stand scissors along the hair and believe me it is a very convenient, and if you Now look here So dry those hair they believe will be perfectly accurate
  • 11:31: as well as here good master made I am straight with scissors on dry hair and finished off to achieve but it is very easy not only will not It should be mindlessly again same here and so like said flip scissors, I would not even so once they see master it five just as they did and so 5 times to do business I not in the movement wanted to that result which gets you should definitely evaluate the the result of which I get permanent concentration attention and constantly
  • 12:00: It is now analysis enough or even Razik can pass be in this place enough about it must once again like this But to make but is now release the same We look for here go to select following vertical parting in your hair here and so and so we pass let go identifies the following your vote here the most important thing is not miss any a horizontal layer of and horizontal layer in the corridor
  • 12:30: not to miss one vertical locks If you look at it well, tune how it can take time here let me now! I pass this one layer at about the speed with which it can do But whether you are for or So I scratched on the strand some need the depth you vary the depth can on the floor centimeter can to find a half centimeters has been in depending on the the desired result I understand there are
  • 13:01: students who ask but what it means depending on the the desired result Well, I do not know what The result should be look back gently go to tell exactly at some length, I I must milling I will not name names those students who can this issue set or set in Last but moreover girls boys look experiment try Well take a look at what about the length I do it
  • 13:31: how many centimeter though but it is in this case, I think that cm can be in some other case I would have done in half a centimeter or half centimeter Try hairstyles 2 so 2 haircuts so you see also here this desire to end as a result of well 1 moment I have it It took one minute 2 minute 3 4 5 6 6 7 minute your neck ideally finalized Now this technology can in my care
  • 14:03: all what I wanted to but to say yes again take in more than the upper layer look We describe and again where it is not necessary to pull pull down strongly because you can see all this hair we like I am in one pile you need to add up try to make that they are all like that Well that's distributed like how one web and that's when we see here and introduce It is desirable put his fingers parallel even You see a little river crumpled top hair so I
  • 14:30: I can prove it this far interception tsa upper intercept hair to the middle fingers and even their here here to work and they are all in my judgment fall, and all that's here here is a way to tapering at least straight though long-thinning separated into layers controls every and a strand farewell to novice masters Thank you for your attention come in very Paul went Bazhenova make perfect haircut luck professions