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We learn to knit a setochka. Exercise No. 2. Principle of construction and knitting of a setochka

We learn to knit a setochka. Exercise No. 2. Principle of construction and knitting of a setochka  See details »



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  • 00:01: [music] [music] Greetings my dear needlewoman channel knit with Irish lace Elena with you today
  • 00:32: We consider the principle constructing mesh mesh cell has its called French I can not mesh assert as a correct it I called once if it is used to Hexagon is a cell we call it so honeycomb mesh based on
  • 01:01: hexagons from if we as a basis take and equate 1 column, without sc This 3 aerial loops
  • 01:30: the full perimeter this hexagon 3 is multiplied by 6 faces 18 loops but we We will not apply only air loop but also with bars one sc let schematically draw like this is 123 123 here and so on perimeter we
  • 02:00: it turns 15 stitches and we column one sc join the conversation the first air let's loop quietly begin knit hook hold like a knife, and we will continue to to consider building
  • 02:30: strings of my iris I took the hook slightly larger 125 and begin to knit 2 three four five six seven eight nine
  • 03:00: ten eleven twelve thirteen fourteen fifteen 1 sc and do We introduce the hook in the first loop
  • 04:00: so I'll just put on white It must be clearly visible we are here in this point to building the next Allen us need one face 2 3 4 5 we already have it here
  • 04:32: and 6 we will do it column one sc means we provyazyvaem is now 333 and 3 provyazyvaem 12 stitches and connect with a column But with one sc our original
  • 05:00: eyelet 1 two three four five six seven eight nine ten 1112 we do sc
  • 05:43: hands-hooks but no I I can not train yourself knit so that's way it should be well especially another Our second is an exercise which we so we do look
  • 06:00: then that's where we We are now let's just we define It has been one facet second third face we connect column one sc and we 3 33 remains provyazat that is, now we Air knit 9
  • 06:31: loops 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 89
  • 07:05: and join in eyelet desirable of course under the under the two aerial loops chain to on hook lay two strings
  • 07:38: Here we knit this is our central Hex February 1 like both because lepestochek that when we connect and zamknom fully here as if this lap we but nothing happens petals
  • 08:05: from So following three petals knit I also own she knit that is, we It turns one face
  • 08:31: have 2 taps have third, we knit column one sc and here about Air knit 9 loops so we knit 5 petals 6 that's what we I hope it turns out at the
  • 09:01: You also get rovnenko and beautiful girl necessarily knit fill his hand so you quickly understand how build a mesh already on knitting plane and so turn to last petals that we We have one face we There are 2 3 next
  • 09:30: we are the fourth-fifth provyazyvaem 3 3 sixth we close column one sc ie last petals we will continue is not 12 no 9 but only 6 stitches knit
  • 10:09: 1 2 3 456 we do sc enter here in the hook third petelichku
  • 10:34: We do post with one sc so we have closed our lepestochek but allegedly so we call it because he really like to flower we are now Now at this point, and that's
  • 11:01: it's in the ring we inserted hook and did column one nakida if we here This was the main the middle of a ring Now midway let's somehow denoted by otherwise it will be here the hexagon, Now we have around start knitting again
  • 11:32: well let's see what do we do one facet of the second The third quarter, we We connect with our already new middle, From the middle of both to tell hexagon 33 next will
  • 12:02: knit the same way 333 and connect column one sc let Here's the rundown These two petals
  • 13:03: So Here and ready Chichko associate another 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
  • 13:43: to close alleged our lepestochek and knit the last let a cell consider we have one face 2 3 4 we will connect column one
  • 14:00: sc and we is knit Only two faces 33 that There are 6 air loops 1 2 3 4 5 6
  • 14:38: so times 2 is the third introduce the hook and provyazyvaem post with one nakida here here we have this one Flower of 6 cells
  • 15:00: around the central now we central then the cell will we the last time We worked hard and hook column made without sc ie here now will be center we hexagon around which will knit but in this case, we get regular mesh because we do constantly equal
  • 15:34: sides Hexagon 3 aerial loops and provyazyvaem only column one sc in order to get fishnet irregular, we can knit a column with two sc we
  • 16:01: can about knitting polustolbik We can knit completely different Now the number of loops we are now this is we just two or three here now that I confused girl so here it is, we had central so now Now the central that's where we ended up
  • 16:31: Now here we are then it's finished I misunderstood you but we have finished here means Capes are here in this point is about to have We will now central hexagon let us now little change are knit polustolbik and instead of 9
  • 17:02: pro air knit 8 loop here we polustolbik further we we can knit again not 9a knit October 12 ie this is
  • 17:31: our imagination let's say 10 and here Xia attach two column two sc, etc. that is, from the fact that we will change amount of air the hinge side hexagon's this mesh if we change height columns
  • 18:00: ie columns can be attached column, without sc can be attached column one with two Stan even sc polustolbikom polustolbikom two polustolbikom governmental nakida the since you have convenient and you pet assignment in girls first try make a fishnet how we relate irregular ie
  • 18:31: change the number loops and height this is the first bars second take but smaller thread if you have Canaris well, what do you plan try to learn to tie on it and hook accordingly it is necessary Well take at least 09 to 75 in order to
  • 19:00: learn to be you any questions write to ask no comments liked videos put fingers up I'll be happy all who subscribe to my channel someone something I always write not glad to meet new friends new subscribers your comment while until your Elena to new video