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100 LAYFKHAKOV FOR WINTER AND NEW YEAR! \/ 100 lifehack for WINTER and NEW YEAR  See details »

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  • 00:02: hello my friends name is Igor, and you if you look ifshow the very first time Channel subscribe Please if video You'll like it Today I'll show you hundred for life hacking winter and the new year, I I tried very hard to deal this video and remove all a selection of new and not I collected from the already captured clips think you support me I finished watching the video clip to end-to-end video New Year will be a mega Contest 15 those who are the winners quickly put Like she writes all comments ten easter eggs who hid for the whole video will get
  • 00:31: prizes which can be find out in the end you need to not only carefully but watch and listen We see to find all Easter eggs pleasant I want to show recommend you easycash.me site on which can earn money to open cases enter the site promo codes for writing and get 10 rubles balance also have easycash.me free carrying case which you can try your luck let's try it, too discover something he great to win Money can bring on Yandex in a fraud or kiwi link in the description If your New Year's Spruce is not so lush
  • 01:00: as you would like then use green tinsel just wrap it your Christmas tree and it will be look far luxuriantly all winter much more likely to get sick so try avoid places where very big the number of people so as there is the greatest number of bacteria and different viruses ill not be no difficulty if Suddenly the house you do not it turned candlestick and to create holiday atmosphere without liver where the use glasses as candlesticks all elementary flip over glass upside down and put on top candle of course it is not
  • 01:30: quite perfect but I I think that the best way than absolutely without nothing Christmas-tree to store toys can come Usually, banks chips pringles it perfectly fit size toys and internally not be broken, and not break is not something what would life hacking just a small vkusnuypirogek with tangerine Kai put the slices in freezer and when will freeze juicy mandarin mini ice cream in winter Many happens that can not open most of the castle cases it is because inside the castle came moisture and cold to In order to solve this
  • 02:00: problem should only one-third key support of its 10 seconds over a fire and then can feel free to open the lock ice that was in the keyhole instantly melts and you immediately open him that winter does not fall on slippery roads try and pillars like pressed against the gift and legs as well as important not in a hurry it is good to have at Only a large and beautiful tree but desktop version New Year's tree for that we need Champagne and tinsel Green simply take the bottle and wrap it
  • 02:30: spiral fashion tinsel in my opinion it well if you It bored you can carry a small take experiment or orange peel mandarin ignite a candle or cigarette lighter and bring the crust to Fire sharply and Jawas and cool essential oil contained in the Orange juice is good and burn so be very careful if you do not lack of heat in winter from your batteries you It needs izolon It is here universal means put it of the battery and it will reflect heat which will go on
  • 03:01: and it really at room temperature rise or can be pasted conventional foil on cardboard and make all exactly the same manner worse confused headphones can be only this entangled garland that every year is not to unravel the garland use clothes hanger just wind and Garlands joke and the edges can be fasten a rubber band for money if they Now jump off You can be sure she does not breaks and It will break and I will not need unravel and now garlands can not
  • 03:30: just put somewhere but also hanged you cold winter evenings spend time playing computer favorite game or earn money creating a website and drink excellent hot Chocolate is a chance that he will not cool Insert the problem mug on the block power your notebook or screen during it heated and can bit slow based on your drink but especially for you in an I left ssylochku clicking on which You will teach for free program you You can create from websites to mobile games and all applications
  • 04:00: programmers are very demand in our time and they earn a lot of money on this way seats on free education limited so I advise you to hurry up the problem of ice important not only but for motorists for ordinary people Only tires with spikes at the foot of my grandfather did not you can get solve the problem differently Take your shoes and coarse-grained nazhdachku here such Here movements in one Parties to establish micro burrs will protect your shoes from those slipping who wears glasses knows that when you are in the winter with go in the street
  • 04:30: premises not to mist this from happening Take the usual foam Shaving Spread it on your glass points and then wipe normal cloth or rag your points will no longer I will like to fog quickly warm hands winter on the street when you have no heat source even batteries heat source is sitting within you is your lungs which takes place through them heats up to body temperature just start blowing your gloves and is heat will warm your hands if your garland and old
  • 05:00: It works through time not rush her throwing away we need But with conventional banks a lid at clerical assistance we need a knife do crosswise hole in the cap We thrust wooden jar and neatly threaded protein through the cover now just close the jar and ready we was very beautiful and unusual New Year I think the lamp it can be found application in New Year's Eve if you have soaked his shoes that do not need put her butt batteries as it advises most nail best hackers to put on
  • 05:30: distances but to cram a bunch newspapers which feed any moisture and is very fast you dry your footwear going to bed is not very pleasure lies in cold bed for This half an hour before to take a bottle of sleeping hot water and lay under a blanket so go to bed much nicer skin Many people do not adapted to frost and therefore it often cracks especially important for northern areas where temperature -20 degrees is the usual case that this does not happened just rub hands small number cosmetic
  • 06:00: jelly like strange and ridiculous it is it sounds really Do you know works that freeze the body begins to legs so not to supercool always keep warm your feet do not forget the warm socks and underpants otherwise easily catch a cold is seemingly very but it is obvious really important leg should be warm to champagne at not pouring foamed on the planet under the glass 45 degrees that it was originally falling on the wall vessel and here's another original idea how to present a gift
  • 06:30: put it in balloon inflate it to sizes gift box and tie marker can be write on the ball something like a blow up I now to get on gift have to explode balloon that the cat does not attempt on Christmas Toy lower branches anoint droplet balm asterisk the smell will scare mustachioed bully and more can be done the same but using essential oils the scent of oranges well or crests e.g. Ruth ok I have the same it will fill your house inexpressible new year when you
  • 07:00: go for a walk with your friends take it with two pair of gloves first you feel it's full of nonsense but you will understand the whole point of this when life hacking Wet cold hands You will be able to put on a dry Gloves another life hacking is also linked with the key to it water repellent and accordingly not froze take Vaseline and well Spread the key with coating it can easily will repel moisture and you do not meet challenges do not open the door very steep cute snowflakes It can be done on the window through silicone adhesive and
  • 07:30: gun you can apply not only to snowflake any form and size but also such as a snowman only need to be able to draw and let not worry about glass When the glue is dry it can be easily remove the glass so that no trace to remain as get cool Gifts for the New Year from Santa Claus Click on this one bell he It will allow you to always first to know about when new videos on my channel even if you do not listening to music bring a headphones and thread their under clothes is you It does not take much discomfort but
  • 08:00: street will be comfortable enough cause not to take pulling the phone out pocket and without removing gloves surely many winter cold feet and Salon also help solve this problem 2 Cut the insoles by the size of your feet, and insert the boot this material perfectly holds heat and thus you will be much warmer in the winter and with them also to go much more comfortable and softer than you You can give your old herringbone toys new life if you cover them paint and glitter to new year remains a few hours and you
  • 08:30: Forgot your cool champagne wrap the bottle wet cloth or napkin and place freezer for Five or ten minutes is not I know what is the reason such an effect but the fact remains that if you know why it is so what happens is please write in Comments There are one way how keep their Christmas decorations up following new this year for you It needs to wrap each ball a couple napkins or newspapers and folded into a box And, you can fill remaining space wool that also give strength the whole structure is
  • 09:00: not life hacking and more New Year's rally and Now would you like to get the new year gift bag of chips take a stick accurate and open and put it money well, or any other small such a gift Wrist Watch Take further glue pencil and using it neatly wrap the package in network you have several just exactly seen where life hacking stating that if you return the foil battery this design begins to heat and will help you cold times but it true foil is heated but by closing the circuit that if all will
  • 09:30: out of control battery can just explode and you do not want, do you get injured write properly please feel free to the comments Have you met this life hacking ever and put right Now a bit of money a blue jacket Now you will not notice their loss and in the spring find them in my jacket pocket and really be delighted all They love to ride on sledding or ledyankah winter so Now keep small how to make life hacking your riding much better to sprinkle the bottom your ledyanki hydrophobic spray or you can lubricate his usual paraffin so you
  • 10:00: will provide much better sliding on snow and correspondingly faster with the advent of speed severe frosts all began to get their sweater which many reels remove them very simply take the usual razor and here such movements remove pellets as possible save appearance sweaters and pass it is another season and can all 2 Christmas toys can be hung not only on the tree with using rain attach toys on chandelier turns rather unusual and beautiful decoration chandeliers and screen today
  • 10:30: phones do not designed to work them with gloves and so it becomes but residents use smartphone on street cold to respond or make a call There are special photo but touch gloves they cost money and so now I I show you how upgrade your gloves take a piece of foil and twist here a sharp tip pass it through forefinger your gloves gently tweak foil and now winter on the street to be much convenient in winter waking up for school always more difficult because in the street warm enough so when you
  • 11:00: turn off the alarm clock immediately turn all the light in the house is greatly help your body switch from sleep By the way guys, I want to remove some videos with life hacking on how fall asleep quickly and if you wake up You want to see them first please click on here such bell for video next life hacking with pyrotechnics if you bought firecrackers and You want her to It exploded louder than the wrap her body sound tape It is becoming really loud but it works only for small firecrackers for large firecrackers you just do not notice difference decorate
  • 11:30: glasses with champagne and additionally cool it frozen help cranberries or strung on a mountain ash toothpick Christmas tree will look elegant if hang garland close to the trunk as a using hot glue and garlands you can decorate your window draw some pattern and immediately stick garmadon window glue then no problem but depart it looks very nice to small tree Toys were not conducted and I have kept them in packaging of eggs
  • 12:00: toys nothing and it will happen very compact and convenient to create New Year's sphere of in house fill it the scent of tangerines To do this, peel off mandarins put on battery and better the battery so that it does not conspicuous use telephone in the cold very uncomfortable so both hands very quickly begin to freeze so they do not feel cold put the phone in glove, and now you can talk on phone and your hands will not cold personally for me Ice cream is also some associations
  • 12:30: happy New Year take ice cream dark chocolate and align all by conventional grater turns very beautiful and neat chips that you can sprinkle your ice cream and serve without their dessert team I live in Siberia and We are quite very coldy of comfort in these speech conditions have not It is better to wear several layers of thin clothing than one thick as the between thin clothes will layer of air that does not give you freeze this is due bad thermal conductivity air that is warm your body will maintained and multiplied to
  • 13:00: warm winter we often include heater or heating due to this Air drying room to moisten it take a damp towel and place the battery so way air room will humidified if your Christmas tree lunging for the ball rope grab an ordinary paper clip thread it through eye on the balls here So now you can safely hang the New Year's ball on Christmas tree many say that if you wash your hands warm water before leave home and cold will be transferred
  • 13:30: I can assure easier that's not true because temperature difference there will be more and you It will be even colder so before out of the house, wash hands in cold water then drop temperatures and will less and you will not so cold if you but very cold and no amount of clothes you can not save this will help you boil in life hacking kettle water but not to boiling water and somewhere to eighty degrees after that fill this with water a couple of small bottles thus You'll get universal heaters they must be put a jacket on
  • 14:00: inner pocket and the right and left and then zip up and feel free to go for a walk Warmer will you warm when you you go in the warm room after as trekking through the snow snow remaining on the shoes begins melt and leaves around quite unpleasant situation take a clean for example in container I do not We use on cat Tray and paste your shoes every times when you come home water will drain into the which undoubtedly tray conveniently you have not found her personal cleaning mandarin does not matter Now I'll show you a way as possible
  • 14:30: quick clean Mandarin for this knife cut away the top and the lower part mandarin and then making a small just cut unwrap fruit in fact, the way really Like working Put if you wanted Mandarin Did you know that the chambers impact negatively on batteries and time work than colder the less they work well here to your phone so quickly spent energy in winter carry it in your pocket pants as his the outer part is always will cool stroking it in inner pocket jackets and it will last much longer winter
  • 15:00: Prank take a candle and rub her soles shoes your friend because of this he will wild slide important to be confident that case it fall wow not there is a break Appliances which is very CORN eyes and clearly adds beauty such premises concerns such it is also a router can be decorated with the help of or tinsel rain thus making it not so noticeable let's boring prepare yourself Thing to cool rainy day to take this candies and thread and We spend a little as a machination
  • 15:30: It is shown in the video we hang all trained chocolates on the Christmas tree and now when end sweets and the store will go too lazy to save you, our magic tree all buzz from this you life hacking You feel as he work I have I told how to do so that the shoes are not gliding on ice it was emery paper well, here's another one way take a thermo-adhesive and Loop through sole shoe as a result of issue slip It solved too bad another way New fix with a torn bead rope it normal rain but I
  • 16:00: I think everything is clear threaded gun and tying hang on Christmas tree and enjoy but what does this Video has come to an end and if you are left with I made it to the that time I I want to tell you great thanks to him I was not for you I arrange a competition for participation needed Like subscribe to my page in touch see link in description and leave comment with hashtag, and the show in while watching I showed the video some easter eggs which also need to
  • 16:30: the commentary May 1 the man who write the correct and answer all Easter eggs and ten not win the competition sure to include link in PM VKontakte for receiving the gift and then I have accidentally choose 10 people who will receive Now set all in contact with results of the competition you You can learn the evening of December 31, our group VKontakte link also in the description I want wish you happy new year, and to all your new dreams come true 2017