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  • 00:10: Hello everyone today We are preparing very cool delicious cakes pita on without Yeast pita dough different from the usual the cakes that she inside there is a cavity which is usually filled with the most I have different fillings
  • 00:30: cut the pita bread that you looked at how it turns inside pocket look here is such a remarkable a cavity in which It can be filled with any stuffing and sweet and not sweet what you want cock you can eat and how This conventional cake beautiful alternative leavened bread
  • 01:00: see what they and all the wonderful in order to prepare these remarkable cakes me We need 360 grams flour 200 milliliters hot water 20 grams of olive oil and half teaspoon spoons of salt dough is actually very similar to the dough we do on plain pita differ only technology cooking bowl
  • 01:31: I sift flour Now in hot water I add salt and I stirred in water I literally just that boiled and steamed minutes stood at table quite a bit the dough is cold here the so-called choux shuffled salt Now in flour do deepening and pour
  • 02:02: here hot water immediately add oil and start kneading the dough spoon first so hot water and now I will kneading the dough hand
  • 02:32: importantly accurately not to burn All knead well the dough should get soft enough not too dense dough I joined in one lump look what the dough has turned not too soft,
  • 03:01: flour yet it does not stick absolutely Crook Of course you can It needs a little more flour or slightly lower course meal different everywhere you refer to the the consistency of the dough Now the dough I Misha on a little bit of table about minutes Five to become very smooth and elastic dough is very good month, I
  • 03:30: on such a nice I cushy dough knead well it just for this time It has cooled left lightly-lightly lukewarm and now I it rolls up into a ball I leave it in a clean package and test necessary to rest at least 20 minutes the dough I have lain down and I rested him I pull out of the package and I now test
  • 04:01: divide into 8 equal parts I'm going to do 8 cakes Roll out the dough I that's such a small divide the dough sausage approximately half and another 4 pieces each piece after as the divided dough into equal parts every part I I roll up into a ball and that's the way I spread on the table
  • 04:31: the dough should again to relax Roll out well as you can see the dough It is not that good It requires neither under nothing dusting flour because it is completely It does not stick to the table all neatly rolls tackle Anna and the pieces of dough Be sure to close cling film to dough dries not So now we will
  • 05:01: I rolled tortillas already included warm up pan pan should be well warmed up I take a little oil grease working oil surface I spread here a piece of dough and I starting to roll out it is necessary to roll out thin but not too not as we rolled dough on pita slightly thicker and We need to try
  • 05:30: circular test give the shape of this will be depend itself tortilla filled within a couple and what turn pocket so we try to unroll it circular in shape and that the dough was everywhere uniformly smooth I see a layer unrolled just such round cake day
  • 06:01: diameter pellets at I have about 15 16 centimeters pan I already well heated and I I spread on cake pan and now look we wait until the cake surface bubbles appear is some will take about minutes of time look see beginning to be engraved
  • 06:30: these bubbles are now cake I I turn over the other side and wait when it begins too as if lifted too, there are such or bubbles. as if lifted Now we have both to help cakes to form here This inside air pocket the cake He begins to inflate it literally seconds
  • 07:00: 20 we are waiting for and I'm cake again flip to another back and look what's happening Flatbread immediately It starts in sharply lifted and is formed here this air pairs see how it inflated formed pocket you see how inflated tortilla Here we turned and
  • 07:32: inside here is such a air bubble is now I have cake more He turned to us the other hand fry some more it turns out cool when you flip it on other side and a little patty again settles I just want it here so that's a little bit twist to it from all sides sides It was so beautiful Crunchy Now once again and move the she again naduyutsya You see how the ball
  • 08:03: and now I immediately prepared baking I Cover the paper towels and this I will be baking remove cake I shift cake on a baking sheet and I close it towel that it does not zavetrivalos
  • 08:31: and so it is very important in cooking I make cakes the emphasis on important points cake roll out that she was maximum round then spread it on a well heated pan and repeatedly overturn [applause]
  • 09:08: each cake I I cook all about two and a half minutes of the there is here and so I did here and there a little twist and fry on all sides as a ready-made cakes I will see spread by towel and my pen and You have almost all ready after
  • 09:30: pit and cooled better just bury them in clean plastic package the bread is not zavetrivalos and not I wish all dries up Bon Appetit put huskies write comments share this new video your friends subscribe to my ludaeasycook channel positive over the kitchen till