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  • 00:00: [music] Hello everyone today I show great mask, ie a mask We will have seed flax flaxseed It works great like Botox that is us only need 10 procedures and you yourself not exactly know very good result Friends if you have not Subscribe to my channel advise subscribe after not signed Remember to click on the bell notice of withdrawal
  • 00:31: new video many probably We heard the benefits linseed oil it effectively fights free radicals and harmful cholesterol in the small probably know who that ordinary 7 here I bought the package in pharmacy from which get this oil is capable of acting on the skin is not worse the most advanced beauty means for lifting and now this mask I'll show you
  • 01:00: to do for the evening of 10 procedures and This is a general chic and the result Moreover, it is very Budget mask costs rubles in my 40's this packaging as it to do that is in the morning to do it face means that you will use the evening it needs one spoon of flaxseed pour boiling water and well stir for one or two two minutes then you have to cover
  • 01:31: something and put to infuse One evening ware one teaspoon Flaxseed Now fill about 1 3 cups boiling water now we need the to stir thoroughly Well, something about minute now need it's just something cover and leave
  • 02:01: to infuse evening Well now how to do this mask you come with work it you already ready all day He defends and now We need to take a comfortable position it can be sitting lying We need to lay not dirty and let's begin masochka here it is willing to take the cotton sponzhik dips Now this is our solution You know a thick viscous and starting to apply
  • 02:30: on the face of this very you know nice the effect of such a mask runs start applied to the face such prihlopa it yuschem effect on neck and leave to dry sunflower seeds after the mask dried out you did not just wash it in you take dried sponzhik and do this Another procedure
  • 03:00: just the same to apply and it should be to do about about six times I have dried up for example very quickly dries up because dry skin can you It will be a little longer and so here We engaged in the evenings and after you We did it six times much of the procedures that have dry caused dry
  • 03:30: caused simply rinse some water and cool apply this favorite cream all ten days you have it thanks to all while doing all till