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Napoleon Sand cake with a custard - Kulinar24TV

Napoleon Sand cake with a custard - Kulinar24TV  See details »

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  • 00:08: for those who loves to bake one of the favorite topics This cake napoleon crispy tender cheese biscuit custard and honey puff pastry today we furnace sand wrasses which is not difficult in preparation and very delicious us required for test
  • 00:30: margarine, sugar baking powder egg sour book vanilla cream we take sugar milk some flour and eggs also add vanillin Getting cooking cream Pour the milk into the pan of the milk leave until the milk We can boil Beat eggs
  • 01:04: lightly beaten eggs add the flour we pour a little remaining milk boil milk add sugar
  • 01:31: boiling milk pour at constant stirring the egg mixture and stirring mixture was adjusted to thickened cream thickens remove it from the heat and under the hood reserve cool proceed to dough take good softened butter or margarine whisk him add sour cream
  • 02:01: well promeshivaya add sugar add one eggs
  • 02:32: I previously Sift the flour and baking powder for test Now we have them mix well add a little vanillin add flour and knead the dough if the dough watery we add flour you need to add flour
  • 03:00: so that the dough could tell continue knead the dough on table Divide the dough into pieces and rolled into cakes
  • 03:48: cut a circle and lay on baking paper I liter of cakes you can do its
  • 04:00: put option baking in preheated oven and bake cakes with the rest of the test the whole process repeat cakes baked bridge add to the him a little vanilla mix well and lubricate it with cream cooled cakes
  • 04:43: trimming edge cake and I daubed top 2 left shortcake are now Grind on chips
  • 05:04: that baby was uniform We sift it through colander this crumb sprinkle cake Add this recipe Napoleon his culinary
  • 05:30: kopilochku not sorry