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  • 00:07: Hello everyone today It will be again on the video khalyavnykh neodymium magnets on my Channel already have one video somewhere here ugolochke will a reference to the video I procured here Such are neodymium magnets old HDDs are now will be a little magnets
  • 00:31: smaller but they also it can be possible applied as a I just suggested one man he engaged in roofing roofs and they have such a tool somewhere here ugolochke will also this photo tool there permanently lost Now this magnet it well I found a way and how this magnet I'll get it now!
  • 01:00: show must have Each house has a It has a lot all that's just such different earphone to Unfortunately I have now Now these Chinese Samsung has 5 copies Now these are not the broken remember to like a an old phone fly as well, no matter from any phone These are headphones Now we will approach Well, let me give you show
  • 01:30: What will be here none if the magnet you can not feel sorry for this one about housing just break crush since they do not have to anything I just break here's a look We have here a here's a small speaker I called him Well, now we need to it just simply disassemble times
  • 02:00: Kolupaev I seek refuge Here such here barbaric method and Now look here, he he did not do our magnet in every headphones he will different because each manufacturer Do it on your and so here with Using a screwdriver, we he dug up here look at these it comes with headphones
  • 02:31: as the hole Soviet speakers black here I also It is such here vstavochka I too 0 should be removed it does not interfere not scratching our surface and here Here is a look and also prokladochka here is our own magnetic you small cocoa stick it look
  • 03:01: op op op here I near here refrigerator hear a sound and tear it is already here problematically Come Let them set Let us still other Now Chinese headphones let analyze
  • 03:34: Well here magnet It was even smaller all the same, and we can will find let me use Now I analyze all headphones that I and then there is comparable What where the magnet Durikov Well dismantled I have several headphones Of course not all of which have I had but I want to tell you Now let's will add to today a little here
  • 04:00: look one magnetic I have burst and He broke into three part but I still I find a use for it in one of the following I'll rollers that can be with them do it here get a very that's funny have a look here these are two of these without internal holes and they a little thicker
  • 04:30: than those here that internal they have holes a little thinner here We see so much if if the magnet is very so here to compare the noticeable thickness at are different and this has quite here such here little longer thin, and in one ear once nokia It was one earphone was here
  • 05:00: in such a large a battery Of course it would be well if all were such but these or we will use here look a large distance they already stick to each other so that here Here are a miracle magnets got sorry sorry that they did not round could Nail collect cube well personal care in one of the following I repeat video
  • 05:30: show you what What cool things of the magnet can be all who do I liked the set thumb top we subscribe to next video so as not to miss and to remind all The most interesting from still ahead of us all Thank you for your attention all goodbye Today we test Now this here zaryadochki universal which must be
  • 06:00: our charge telefonchiki but look at 2a