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#3 How to make a cap for YouTube channel in Photoshop CC. Design of the channel on YouTube of 2017  See details »

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  • 00:00: Hello my Name Is Vyacheslav Bulenko and this issue I will answer the question of how to create cap for youtube channel in Photoshop subscribe to Sergei ozerova channel where you will learn useful information self-help Business and personal effectiveness Sergey only in Russian personal student of two world experts in learning principles success Brian Tracy and Jack Canfield their videos Sergei share secrets of sales business development and enhance personal effectiveness is signed by annotations on the screen References in the specification or Last issue we
  • 00:30: answered the question how to decorate the channel yu tube and to complete this Topics we must make a hat for channel than Photoshop Now we are going to do well before the beginning Write your feedback you for windows or os x later realize why I asked but we are moving the main part of the cap for the channel if yutubery that includes the top 100 most popular in the world but do not have caps and in general, and there are those who imitate and convince others that registration I agree it does not matter that we did not design We receive incoming
  • 01:00: the audience is the flow It makes video but design plays oil on role which new audience with ease rolled to step subscribers without drawing the same in front of him lining the road obstacles that not everyone will be ready pass the So let us together you create from scratch hat do another small step to success on th
  • 01:31: tuba drove for First, we need an idea concept for caps for this look 50 100 channels and find what you loved one or other hats I made screenshots then to check against so that I will have obtained if the cap is needed background image in Yandex hammer pictures a request such as mountains and add hd so you will be given quality Images Download and go to the most basic to create caps we need with a program adobe photoshop I'll leave a link in full description
  • 02:00: Installation takes 5-10 opening minutes program and in the left we click upper right corner Create a file 5120 2880 pixels or half as much such requirements youtube Startup of the canal but if you have 1 archiver herein a link to template to download which already have guides me It does not open the file you x but no macbook this standard program and appstore have paid program or torrent can search but there are different the situation and I will show
  • 02:30: fastest way dispense with a template ok you open a template or created by specified parameters file fill it neutral background my case the black download images tetrad sheet and paste it in our background brush reserve lines from different sides to boot could be considered the distance to the brim visible region We keep on joking native hat and load on the channel I'm a little video wrong hat on channel and the description share some longer consider this reckon the number of squares to the brim and Photoshop
  • 03:01: expose line this is done by pressing the edge and not taking seeing to the right place great we It turned almost like template now I I impose its fund which advance prepared a background should somehow reflect the direction of the channel addition to text umneet window which associated with man looking a star and the star is a dream that seems distant and unachievable maybe it does not sound really this is just my vision with the help of tool rectangular area I have identified area which will quickly and accurately
  • 03:30: Paint it Black color I advise you to do cap that with a Independence visible the a smooth transition since boot you have probably noticed that on TV It will see the whole cap and the monitor screens are different for I take this soft brush chose 90 Opacity interest and spend Now at the edges selecting 50 Opacity percent bring to smooth transition
  • 04:06: background ready reserve cap and load on channel to watch all Do so and it looks you can still tweak If everything is alright back and Getting Writing text write nickname pleasant font and then on than the channel or a proposal that anyway It reflects the essence of the channel if you have a schedule releases write to what days and at what they leave time even such a small thing add views the first output clock
  • 04:30: video and not add a big plus when subscribing to your channel it is precisely for this human to be signed to come in Example 2000 and receive a portion content Finally control loading Caps canal incidentally check it It appears on your mobile device Well, the next stage This channel configuration which will analyzed in a the following issues as well as how to find how nice font process and cut objects inserting them as my preview soon you will see it on the channel and on today all if you want to
  • 05:00: Continuing the theme channel promotion with each release revealing more let's secrets shall find 150 and likes then will release 4 subscribe channel to receive new inspirational and useful issues and how to become a successful youtobe and in business also subscribe to Public VKontakte my instagram twitter periscope facebook and added to the friends VKontakte I add all all description and it was Vyacheslav Bulenko till