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Clafoutis ✧ Baked pudding with Berries ✧ the Fast Breakfast for All Family  See details »

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  • 00:00: [music] tour team and this expensive Welcome to my kitchen cook today Clafoutis on the way it is traditional French dessert which is prepared in classically embodiment with fresh cherry and can be cook fresh berries and fruits and pour liquid dough and bakes It delivers hot sprinkle with sugar powder usually looking for a scoop ice cream and whipped cream in the way
  • 00:30: considered to be summer dessert, but prepare it Of course you can not Only in the summer you can cook and winter To do this, fit and frozen cherries and other berries from the freezer but you can also take apples or good riding Clafoutis very, very simple quickly and easily just as easy as pie so personally for me such a beautiful option tasty and healthy breakfast for the whole family let cook for
  • 01:15: Fill us Clafoutis It needs four large chicken eggs break their bowl add a pinch salts whipping whisk gradually add
  • 01:30: 100-150 grams of sugar we place on sugar your taste in Depending on what toppings you you are taking 150 grams of this course for very large sweet tooth the brain from 100 grams It will help strong enough shoot down not nuzh not you need to whip up mixer will help enough to whisk whisk about as well as our years at desire can add half teaspoon spoon vanilla extract 30 intervenes gram flour
  • 02:00: and 30 grams almond flour if you do not have almond flour can be substitute for wheat flour that is, in this case, you will need 60 grams of wheat flour all is well stir mete out 120 milliliters milk and cream traditionally to foot take fatty whipping cream I usually cook 10 percent cream with them to veil
  • 02:30: gentle turns creamy and at the same less time high-calorie milk and cream in my house in village pour in we bring a saucepan almost to boiling and gently at constant mixing the fine pouring stream prepared dough pour some as we pour milk with cooking custard offer it turns out that's a quite thick the dough in a bowl
  • 03:01: Cover and leave minutes 15-20 to brew the filling can take fresh fruit usually take or pears apples, I'll take one pear can take frozen berries It is from frozen cherries can use any as well as possible Cook I dried fruits on this time will cook prunes frozen berries or remove the fruit freezer we We will add RMS in such a way frozen
  • 03:30: dried fruit should be soft if It will dry tight you need to previously Pour hot water and leave to swell well, and prune de aromas and tastes of salt liquor as an option you can pour cognac end or liquor is certainly wishes we shall cut pear and usually cuts so that pieces were the size cherries plus or minus melted on the course pan slightly butter fry Cruz 2-3
  • 04:01: minutes until soft preparing for the veil in yabla portioned form in I have 4 molds diameter 15 centimeters possible cook and one great shape grease the molds butter and Wake up to a fine sugar optionally you can wake up with flour or a mixture of flour sugars decompose stuffing stuffing
  • 04:30: decomposed into one layer but so that the bottom form has been practically is full ie filling there must be many since all tastes the whole point of Clafoutis it is in this filling decompose fried prunes pear and cherry and other frozen berries Put the right of the freezer put on defrost not you need to put on the form baking fill prepared dough
  • 05:01: the dough should practically completely cover stuffing or at least three quarter fill baking hot water water level It can be as important pour a little more than a little less and stand against previously preheated 200 degrees Celsius oven for 30-40 minutes until ready Clafoutis readiness we define blade knife from the center of it must go clean without trace
  • 05:31: this means that the dough grab the dough and way ready if desired the path you can sprinkle sugar here a delicious sweet dessert we I turned in result in a way not similar to our traditional pies so do not expect that it will be the same as ordinary pie filling it most pudding so our dessert not ready It remains to wish you pleasant tea
  • 06:00: prepare try very I hope you will find it also enjoy Thanks to the woods on watched videos and all you very, very good to have three this quite [music]