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Change of a pattern of trousers if convex stomach. School of sewing Seamstress.  See details »

если мы раздвигаем то талия будет больше данной мерки ,Куда заложить лишние см по талии,? что в брюках, что в юбке
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  • 00:10: Welcome to today's lesson we you consider a new problem and how You work it out the problem is convex belly in a certain age, many women have a This problem is so certainly want wear to it is not the problem it was very noticeable and at the same time
  • 00:30: facilities to be comfortable to the product sat well because very often say when but dress skirt pants shall we say then problems begin It is not to acquire where it is necessary not to cause It sits this course the city is very inconvenient in the process of life let's say so today we look at you as possible fix this problem for to us was convenient and at the same time to wear I am sitting nicely want now stop more detail on
  • 01:01: how to change black patterns because just like in the pants Just do all these the problem is very much evident that the stepping stepper seam cuts and very uncomfortable and you know that It looks ugly in Accordingly, begins to shift train is also unknown far down and it all course delivers great inconvenience and the problem now I I want to stop it is a change blue patterns so transferred patterns front halves
  • 01:30: trousers we will work Only from the front half-course the rear half in We are not affected to start with what we you have to do with these patterns is the the first step that we We must do so we will be with you find the middle line middle values it is done follows, we we celebrate curves how We combine at a point not behind
  • 02:00: viburnum and point and point stepper seam connects the side joint like this and now boldly times or our patterns middle line can all outside overboard they put it then the living linenikus to bred here all several points not It happened and now I straighten me I get private
  • 02:30: the case that the line the direction of equity it is strictly thread so have coincided me from the middle of the line half the dishes I Just repeat and I spend on this line side by side red line to It was a clear but this I'll say it that it's not always the same line direction common thread it I may be a little bit shifted even if the pants classic especially if the pants Arrow then this line Well, in 99.9 percent
  • 03:04: It coincides with the line toward the middle the line middle half pants just to make it clear I kill red lines further my what actions I should note that there must conduct ancillary which line we We will work for that I'm this vertical line down the middle of the measuring out
  • 03:31: topline of trousers 15 Now centimeters from this point I restore perpendicular I spend horizontal line and extending it to the entire width half pants this is our first supporting On-line, I do not we said from train her change in several stages Now we are engaged you first step
  • 04:01: then we have will be on the side the point here is from the top side point note 10 centimeters and here here 110 centimeters of side seam we will have the same conduct perpendicular Now the line has to our ancillary line and thus we conducted ourselves
  • 04:31: two auxiliary lines that we will be with them do we in Of course as usual ie cut Now we have the first since us we must first we extend our the pattern in a villa on some value for but that you yourself understand why because as usually as I said this line here step, it begins to tighten the inside and natural and belt and displace it It is not pressed I asked
  • 05:00: Now we will need to extend over a large I stomach this value prepared a small plate you rewrite it yourself somewhere to have it You were like this way for what we should value we will produce changes that have it turns out that direct relationship and between the width length occurs Depending on the tour what we value We should extend this the pattern if we have the width less than 4
  • 05:31: cm from These figures are taken more reservation it goes sign waist your waist you compare with table which will log Burda's say your waist 66 centimeters rather on Magazine 66 centimeters and seized and your well let's say consider that we about 6 centimeters difference
  • 06:00: is 72 centimeters then It has provided that You all other dimensional signs such as waist circumference your 6 centimeters over here we are now with These characteristics we We shall be engaged and now I want to once again to return to the subject signs that you Now he says here if you value Now here is the difference less than four centimeters of the length changes make any unnecessary people I put off
  • 06:30: if we I fascinated by the change there is a difference in rounds at us from four to six centimeters only lengthened by 0 5 centimeters if 6 to 8 centimeters of the one centimeter Now this plate rewrite and Eliza try you remember to It you had a Now hand back to our templates and so we have We understand that we are not We agree with you that we change that is
  • 07:00: we have to be born in coverage rounds of 6 cm our difference Tatarstan and the difference magazine change means to us from the table We need to produce changes lengthen curves for 0 5 centimeters or on one centimeter again I stop this the problem you see because when you produce calculating change I do not care either plus or minus one or the other will still be necessarily be present so choose so Well, as you wish
  • 07:30: let's take possible let one centimeter Make changes that is, we assume that we say difference 6.2 centimeters and here on the basis of this we need to extend the patterns on the 20th one centimeter before lengthen we have to cut and so great cut from the middle forehand to the side seam
  • 08:00: to finish again almost to side seam and then on vertical Supplementary line that we Sandler again from top-down and too little almost dorezaem here so again, but you have such familiar like this design way we should get construction is now take a clean piece paper and glue its bottom and so I
  • 08:30: planted sheet paper bottom mate can immediately to fix it does not move us and now from here this shell former we note one centimeter of the value in which we need to make change 1 cm and now this line subsidiary of vershinku this wine and to
  • 09:00: we have it measured out one centimeter need draw a line to It was more clearly that is, I repeat once time we draw a line Here on this site to vertical ancillary Now we line We are putting our the upper part of our patterns to the ancillary lines we are now only painted
  • 09:30: We drew like this a way that is for to us front end trouser leg parted one centimeter especially repeat several times that you remember we took with you value 6 and 2 tenths millimeter Wernick centimeters for to already produce I work with these templates and fix in side seam and then we too I went escape a dart here wedge
  • 10:00: that's the way here here we got greatness you and now some fix on But the fact that the vertical we are cut into ancillary lines have happened Additionally you. Now many of you are my Notice that I have curves with Dart may wonder why am I not on that hoods do all manipulation of matter that it was you. a special case herein may be folds some that have provided
  • 10:31: decorative moments on the model let's say if I if here here will not be here or tuck and fold is such a if I will make changes to this sweet and you I have somewhere in her another place transfer leaving already like a decorative cell loss so there is no need this tuck, we do not touch we have it in this case review as a decorative element let her and is we descended on neutral all the territory changes and so
  • 11:00: then here we are got kind of new tuck here we have it now we have to measure the depth this tuck obtained and here he is with us get half centimeters in the a situation that we we do the following stage we will patterns change this con la page or No, we still do not get enough
  • 11:30: we are waist width only added half centimeter of course we little, provided that we need to add 2 June centimeters but again do not forget that 6 and 2 cm is on entire waist back, we do not touch so we work only one half leg cut means here this the value we bisect the there are 3 and one centimeter we must carried actually change ie this
  • 12:00: we have half a you in total add 3.1 centimeter half of them centimeter we are already added ie Minus 3.1 centimeters half centimeter it turns 1 and 6 centimeters to us now will have this add half how we We will be with you Move to perform We find patterns line knee today It begins the second
  • 12:30: stage knee line carry supporting line as I many times you said that necessarily Gunda logs on line knee present control crosscuts they have and you're there We flew there Here we spent with you the check marks are not united control lines and got additional lines supporting then what we are we do next
  • 13:01: We will have on the line middle forehand wide-leg cut up knee line but We will have with extra let's not Now fully part cut 100 pieces of it all until we cut fruit for Recreation aside knee on the line
  • 13:35: the middle front halves for that's the way Now sliced cut through from the middle of the knee tank side seams famine and so the average a little bit not dorezaem principle is the same as we are changed patterns on hands full
  • 14:01: just like the many only we get a different cut there at We Christ coats a kind of it turns out like this Now this design It should get here Now we again take only this time the length paper and Displays all our
  • 14:33: construction and so all I planted a leaflet Now simply press down while temporarily hijackers and we will push on we need the value of width as the width as the We already you thought in this situation, we should be increased by 1 and 6 centimeters that is,
  • 15:01: But from one of the parties we note here let's fix just to have it this is no longer shifted half so easy slightly fix here we have the tip the upper part and trouser we put off from her 1 and 6 centimeters
  • 15:31: We got second. Now the second half we just top quote igrushechki give in this flyspecked here you are now fix both sides soup and second side recorded on clear glitch we change take place no should not be so We will disperse Now these pieces here
  • 16:02: here at the knee line we must remain horizontally so we have So you see a little little corners can be you just paper not lifted up These seeds little corners have a little suit morning horizontal and the form will we top previous fixed point the depth of which we and now just need these neatly
  • 16:30: line of conduct in way we can fix once with adhesive tape and then gave Denise referring to the knee line Here again I want to stay on I think that's the little corners you too basically can slightly parted do not let that it scares all within the permissible Of course they are 5 centimeters have not inherited but a couple of millimeters can I have them were these little corners accurately only
  • 17:00: they rose slightly line above the knee and so here I fix all adhesive tape is now Tracings that is what turned design. All that red is more I add copper we added here is the difference I just did that you know better, and it was Here, too, there's this
  • 17:30: all this additional amount that tobacco that is what we are we get with you received but also patterns for the beginning not to forget Before we start All this paper render here must not forget align all angular lines here this line line middle forehand we We will have it rovnenko withdraw so neatly
  • 18:00: on lateral line since we are slightly moved apart we have turned kulonchik small we We shall have the same prikladka ticker if you can see it here turned a little corner Now here we are small it will have smoothly draw a new line-up is not I will touch all the same and now here's this line we need you too perform very
  • 18:30: fins tuck in we still have, we will you like this way new line top part front halves trousers so we spent with you changing patterns in the big belly in two stage of the first phase of this we are with you
  • 19:00: elongated patterns lengthened use Now this table ie depending on how we will have to change this we define the circumference his waist ie finding difference between girth of his waist and dimension measurement of the magazine whichever how we will varies add we will need to fascinated by the width we vary in length that is, first we We consider this table and the first stage
  • 19:31: It is the length we change and rejoice then we already with you the remaining difference that we here there was some change of additive width but it was not enough so we are still added in width in view of the the difference once again want to briefly to return to the this table if You difference in girth like between your Measurements in the skin but less than four centimeters of the first
  • 20:01: stage changing patterns of length we have not performs a carry immediately changes width that is here so that we do not will if that's here it has been if we have a difference in detours less four centimeters now there are just move out caliph in now, behold our desired patterns
  • 20:30: what we want get Now, in principle, that's it is possible patterns translate into net a sheet of paper and already get clean form of to these not all rags it was here that they We do not interfere, and so in front of me now! patterns in the skirt I want red they stop because the principle that the changes as exactly on trousers exactly the same there is no news for you no more will likewise use tablet that which I
  • 21:00: told you when we you have changed patterns of trousers the only difference what it is that when we extend patterns of width we We focus on the knee line here, we will navigate to In order for you to find skirt down not we changed to focus on bottom line skirt let it we would All control lines the rest is the same simply repeat principle you once we
  • 21:30: you start produce the changes we have here guide will before the middle we are in this line middle forehand restore perpendicular from point that are 15 centimeters lower Whether the top of Pereda that is, that's 15 centimeters that we you do not forget and trousers and here the same same here, we
  • 22:01: carry perpendicular and prolong Will I do not leave your further 2 supporting line we put from the top until the side of the skirt 10 centimeters Center and side now it's received
  • 22:31: point we again reinstated perpendicular to the already our ancillary line that's here 10 cm value 10 cm and Now cut from the middle of mid section here and from the top
  • 23:00: the top supporting vertical world not from here and here here and then We make changes according to here this sign I will not do it I want you to give it like homework Take any patterns front panel skirts and try produce to him all changes according to as we are acted with trousers here again again other any changes not I will not one
  • 23:33: He stood over minds of the tag on the trousers, we you add up half Plyuk found middle both halves of patterns do here with us we will have to skirt at mid-on and to me the hips line of people for those who forgotten at the time it is at an altitude of 18-20 centimeters of the top line of the skirt there's at an altitude of 18 20 let 20 centimeters
  • 24:00: centimeters are watts we'll stay perpendicular to the line middle forehand or can be, in principle, not to carry out entire Fortunately for himself orient where we are the line thighs this way we have for you Tracings were to Now it is clear we check the Pike line and find the middle of a that is, we divide them up half like this way now
  • 24:31: restore this line at this point we perpendicular We find a line you mid fascinated skirt up and down head and so that's red vertical Line is the line mid halves patterns of the front cloth skirts and lo
  • 25:02: Whether by this vertical and we will need to more the width of the receiving pushing it this line now I want to once again I repeat I told you pants if we get dreams will suffice according to here if this sign the difference will be enough waist circumference line and your girth waist to the magazine less than four centimeters here this is less than
  • 25:30: here's this stage of the which I will now I told not to perform need quite and the need to immediately proceed to that we cut on here the line and Spreading the desired value which is given ie it is your the difference once again want to dwell on the that's the difference even born 4 centimeter is given full girth waist around perimeter and we need be as we I only take half half value ie less than two
  • 26:00: centimeters is all about what I wanted I stay I repeat to you give home assignment to necessarily completed homes to well learn this stuff So in this lesson we you considered how you can change patterns on a large belly looked at mainly in the pants ie detailed I stopped at the blue like as it most vulnerable and time so that the product in which it is still very much significantly and at the same
  • 26:30: time is not convenient wear these pants why most I shared trousers I have said for to digest I'll stuff I offer to perform patterns skirt own this We will be home job and in this our today's lesson we concludes