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  • 00:00: Hello dear friends today want tell you about popular flower hibiscus specially for it has come to a visit to Aunt Tamara that those who flowers and balcony in room and in the kitchen general Anar let Ask her how she deals with them as a for a long time in her flowers Hello Hello Hello all these Flowers I properly not even my beginning
  • 00:32: grandmother then my mother then I It has been going about 150 years if not more that the flower we constant such the beauty of a fresh air My husband and I have been living 58 years, it is only together they live in 5058 for husband yes yes it is taken 8 years 84
  • 01:02: year will not be 78 years old and Never have I had such that in an apartment there were roses this is our feast our beauty way I I'm sorry text By the way I read that it blooms only summer what do you say about this flower Now this here Now look at me on the table as the flowers have fallen
  • 01:30: do you think they could Foreign color here he just straight from the tin just dropped blooms I have it all winter and all winter we rejoice in every the flowers now! especially on the balcony where the sun more believe there balcony cook ovaries in this These swollen colors works at at the moment that's just only a pair of these flowers but literally in three-five days there will again be on the balcony
  • 02:00: all red flower This is called the flower Death I I read online and I was surprised the I read that different countries but he brings it mainly comes from Europe, he's of the 17th century and flower and flower alleged eliminates this leads disease but in other countries If a flower or started or eliminating it or wealth and hatch birth of a child Does the child for the wedding yet I read that this flower he
  • 02:30: normalizes blood pressure then the petals of this flower brewed in tea making compote but the leaves themselves do leaves do salads well, add salads Margot knew about it I knew this even Then I cook jam, I have to give jam put three Four leaf is usually have how many years so that and brew the tea, we brew tea mainly willow-herb
  • 03:01: willow-herb, too constantly adding leaves here and why that's the way you are noticed that Hospital offices Here's the unpretentious Hibiscus melts why because he is purifies the air before especially refreshing well to keep where hibiscus where computers printing machinery Well, in general it gives good air refer to any direct
  • 03:31: green leaves chic and leaves now we have been, and broke down flower all you Tamara I throw I know that They have so much, and that it will make it more tell here's a look here He broke off otrostochek I wanted it now! Here's the big leaves I take a jar of the earth will I plant it right in the bar is not anything
  • 04:01: adding a ordinary zemelku put him and Cover with the top or glass jar with there was and still driving at such a fat some small process already Rosbank it does not fit her only a poly bag remeshochek I put a couple I cover it I dovyazyvayu to go there did not fall anything to pre do not forget to pour Pour cushion at once I am watering and close
  • 04:32: will literally two weeks later I I look already the top it is generally Shichko leaflet He begins to grow to grow and how to grow Once I saw that he begins to live rented concealment I put on the trail of cells It will be owned by the month there is a new rosette on a flower I will say so to speak unpretentious he was not loves course direct
  • 05:00: sunlight Tamar's balcony direct sunlight they do not get the whole summer and winter in her balcony in the winter course there glazed balcony but not insulated from afar on the balcony of it and room up to 8 I say so about this flower that flower is very let's say even good for our he organism normalizes blood pressure and as if in Carolina
  • 05:30: grandfather 84 Yes Yes Yes 118 60 Today, we only it's all about We checked and it gives vitality this flower so that think buy a flower it will decorate your apartment and listen to Your ma yes yes yes yes all goodbye large Thank you for watching Like and put subscribe to our channel will be very nicely