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  • 00:00: And now dear brothers and sisters, we very next good and interesting this is the first task visit and produced it assignment sister again way to Tatiana It helps her sister Fedorenko Olga please Sister good evening Welcome to this time, many asking people not regret time and effort to buy one a gift which is yes
  • 00:30: by the nature of the way, they man next to you what is the most best gift probably a gift from which I give from the heart and thanks to God also presents us I want gifts Share a thought about all the good completely a gift from above because it comes from father of celestial bodies that do not change how the shadow drew some gifts from God and good perfect
  • 01:00: yes it tightens our generosity Heavenly Father but all the good roads that God does one superior to all I want to rest show you illustration because of Gifts We can live such fine conditions and live forever what kind of gift You can find out after reading this article and people who know is a gift from God they are and how you can change your life they want to express
  • 01:30: thanks then the next time we could cause found which is a gift, and how we can express it thanks Thank you Thank you very much sister good performance Tanya you sister I worked on lesson the proper use visual aids Of course in our publications have very beautiful illustrations that help a person to
  • 02:01: so to speak include such but my imagination very good got you show in this Paint a beautiful but that's the new world so he will look in the future that is, man essentially begin to ponder about to begin it can be seen even himself in this new the world that is, it is very this interesting but this situation The situation is promotes may further be such a meaningful conversation and very
  • 02:31: well you have it but what happened very important even when we show example of our of our publications benefits some colorful illustration of very it is important that our illustration stressed thoughts that we want to convey to the person but that is not so It can get us be what that comic situations in fact, the idea
  • 03:00: to which we want Now bring this Registration on a clear should emphasize that is to say about it, too, very important ambassador I think that is it It should also be primarily for instruction that is we do not just want to show some very interesting registration and beautiful colorful and say as you like here like how beautiful yes here's how shown all nice but then we have This shows not
  • 03:30: point of view will give may be but my image as an artistic but as an artist beautiful on and I drew a first think about all what benefit is bring this man that is something that we say to instructions It should be fine seen all listeners that is, if used it visual aids to scene because good must be visible to everyone student, we are very it's good to see screen that is all
  • 04:00: We understood but what it illustration of what Just present it Thank you darlings sister is very good performance and will further work on the next gate the following situations we are now with you see it and revisiting also this revisit sister in first visit left magazine
  • 04:30: Now he should be here but re-visits because what else doing sister she draws attention to human one of the benefits for Bible study so that We are here too, can look like this and is involved Just present this cucina sister Natalia and It helps her sister Pashkevich Lyudmila please sister Lyudmila Ivanovna very good day I am pleased to make you home to remind me
  • 05:01: Last name is Natalia time I left you magazines you agree agreed to share their opinions about read you speak out please you really compelling and that turned out to be an argument the ransom is the most the greatest gift of giving enable us to live ever know read I understand you but
  • 05:41: tell me Please idea Live Forever in Paradise on earth you like certainly in this case, I want to once again draw your attention to the place writings which have already It was cited This article is John 3 Chapter 17 verse and when
  • 06:01: we it I want to read to you for yourselves We identified the following moments who made us the gift that It drove him and what he I go for that see God loves the world so much that he gave his only begotten son to everyone who exercising faith in him should not perish but have eternal life, and because would you say to someone He gave us this gift god god and a hundred
  • 06:32: they moved love love do not look debt is not the duty not to fear Punishment for love it is that he went to give us opportunity to live eternally it says that he gave his only begotten son yes that is his son Jesus Christ had It was to die for it now consider how as this is an important and very
  • 07:00: important step is It may not be easy fiction desire to glorified you agree da te pido well I so many heard What does the Bible really often copied the I do not know how much can be trusted around it's that I wrote the Bible well you know so many people expressed such opinion and to exercise faith in the
  • 07:31: or, and to get his right we use should have clear knowledge of this knowledge Jehovah stated to us Bible and I suggest you by a publishing anything on Really Teach the first Bible queue convinced that
  • 08:00: who is the Bible it author and why can I trust that there written I do not mind because I would like to really to figure it out It is in fact accurate and knowing when Next time the same time if you do not against I'll come to you this thank you thank you sister MPa very good sister were Natalia did you work
  • 08:31: above effective lesson using issues well and what was your task use questions so as to reach the desired result some cases question is for to get response in other cases for to encourage The man replies mental ability use a question determined by any questions you
  • 09:01: ask in any form it is important to you very good turned to ask questions in order to your interlocutor followed the evidence of very it's nice here it turned out reading out Bible verses go to question so it is also very interesting method very good method and so you can use this effective lesson using the issue can still be over
  • 09:31: him to work because there are many ways use questions but what there is methods well e.g. questions can be so say to that is, underscores some thoughts and questions for which you draw secret feelings too here good questions is yes are asking questions to help identify wrong views are very neat questions
  • 10:00: Give a man apparently of essentially in a conversation can tell so what that kind of thing may be some saying it will we be able to to understand that but he did I do not agree with something yes but that is very must be carefully ask such questions and in fact we can help him somewhere dispel these warning but it is necessary to understand What he views on the essence of this well You can still continue work on it
  • 10:30: lesson but you have a very well it turned out Thank you very much sister of a very good performance but now we are We see third task It is the study of the Bible prepared by brother Michael helps a bowl Evgeny Savin and please brothers Eugene we are with you in the past Henri time whether about what happened
  • 11:00: when the first people they obeyed Satan dash that after this people They began to grow old hurt and to die And here they had leave paradise because but they were not there the right to live any longer then on earth people became more and more, and that's But today we can themselves believe how then life there humans evolved Eugene's note
  • 11:31: what not just people It became more and there are special people are here on that's what your here It may be depicted so special man some man with wings then without wings Yes exactly that is, but so the artist I painted on you Bible says about is that even Some angels are
  • 12:00: We decided to rebel against God and down to earth and now she even goal Now that this has been man doing here but the young girl does not gets well, yes they are here for such a purpose, and down to earth them women I liked and here at They then began to born unusual children's note here on this picture What does the average child this fallen angel
  • 12:30: Here is what you special that he but it makes the code it an evil spirit from a boy beach in new cries exactly seen that but from childhood they They were very angry but Bible says that not only the children's those here angels who descended the land they were about to there were also bad stating that a lot of people
  • 13:01: almost all of them but Unfortunately there were very bad so I Now one thought about Miss Bible wanted to show to tolerate any there were people at the time it saw that someone people on earth mired in vice that all thoughts of their hearts constantly directed just called to Unfortunately as we see Most people We thought only of how to do evil, and that's Now we can know immediately notice how then
  • 13:31: on when grew up here, these children of the angels and of others how they yourself here were that In your opinion here is I have a cat party people having fun drink Well fight to exactly unfortunately here they one another inextricably it was like It is connected
  • 14:00: to abuse and fun they walked in their sleeves marriage but fortunately not We were all so on the ground there lived a a man and his family listened to his god name is Noah and here's how once we see it here God said, but he It will not be so tolerated twitch should be here wonder of God's Word Now they can read that God I wanted to pass well, and he gave what he had
  • 14:30: plans for how it all to decide well eradicate the evil land Now read on 13 and 14 Then verses God Noah said end all flesh under in other words all people came before me because of their land is full of violence, I will destroy them together with the land but that had do but also his family Make thee an ark of
  • 15:01: resinous wood tree will separating the tip new cut, it could resin inside and outside and that's why This need was the ark Hagrid on and on I gather you are my agreement you enter the ark, and at the you enter your sons, your wife and and the wives of the sons and you're here to get into the ark, a pair of all living beings in every flesh that they them alive with you will be this male
  • 15:30: and female and here I would have done so well, whether or not that's the end such result and hydrochloric I did everything as the God told him to just so he did here you noticed that but here and his family that they were doing but what is the big It builds and it helps even aides yes
  • 16:00: not exactly built This ark and so without the fact that the ark and there is a very large then it is not entirely It can be seen well, here and here on this illustrate how you think who it talk to me people during but talking here we are angry at He has even here big man, too, He wants to fight likely to drink Unfortunately, few people
  • 16:31: I wanted to hear but to wanted not only here it is I thought of himself as build yourself but Salvation here means is a great like a ship urinary box It referred to in the Bible ark but he others warn but here we see one He does not want to listen to him someone laughs well, here's the latest figure shows that they built on that
  • 17:01: it remind you but here's a push what it looks like some kind of large shed her where animal food though she is in fact it is so suspended his ship It can be called because there he was Only on the water stay was not need there a couple of compilers card still manage
  • 17:31: he just has to them I had to swim on earth on the water and that's how We see yes they collect there are many animals but I had to work pray and make large hatch Kravchuk come on so well, I wonder what was then you know that both developed no further events Then there was a very great flood it is in the Bible Well it is known as the Flood if you do not mind maybe we have an
  • 18:01: We believe this Next time well Thank you thank you my dear brothers are very good presentation brochure to listen to God our Organization 2011 It was published for the people who is illiterate or read or not able to read and here see as visual
  • 18:31: benefits of this brochures pictures brother Michael is very well as successfully helped his student to understand understand the Bible brother you worked on Michael wise lesson approach is very good at you did show Well what prudence in fact it was was your task
  • 19:01: pondering why start a conversation you take into account the on may say so origin possible human and wasabi its series possible interlocutor what he does or can not be considered to or may be very hard to read, and you good came this way with agreeableness asking questions is very very good helped it to respond to the same questions saying
  • 19:30: for example, two companion to box you did not carry say but what you do that not a box is noy Ark and possibly your interlocutor would not realized that such Ark is very straight so we gently said something a ship without a sails very well so gently explained man certainly I understood so that it's such a ship which was to then go down to the water there is in this, too, it was your wisdom is have not you I focused on
  • 20:00: what is possible mistaken view yes who discussed We discussed in the course illustration that is not focus this doctrine gently since he continued to lead conversation discussion Well and of course it is much more It brings benefits than what ever focus but any such error to interlocutor may be wrong He understands very very well you have it happened thanks brother Michael thanks
  • 20:30: brothers for this very good remarkable speech [music] The Bible says, happy are those who hear the word of God and observe his we can fully Trust the Bible itself ancient book in the world but Jehovah's Witnesses sure that the word of the Bible God
  • 21:01: contained reliable information Bath 1717 Jesus said, Your word is the truth but everyone who It calls on the name of Jehovah saved [music]