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Very easy decor of a bottle by new year. New Year's decoupage  See details »

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  • 00:00: Hello my expensive pleased welcome you to channel today I want offer your attention here such Christmas decorations a bottle of champagne why this I work today chosen because comments to me coming periodically request do something not a difficult job the most simple and does not require skills drawing so I thought yeah why and there is not really not yet able
  • 00:30: draw and decided Today's show a very very simple version I design the bottle I will not be here for nothing subtilize but we do simple and decoupage neck design glue gun anyone interested Stay with me until the end of the video today for we need napkin using we will do it decoupage I think everyone knows but if someone is me
  • 01:01: brand new channel I want to draw your note that we only this one third tonyusenkoy 1 and layer 2 in the module 1 and 2 we do not need Glue only this a third layer also us need pva glue acrylic lacquer acrylic paint white
  • 01:31: different brushes blostochki and adhesive pistol but because the first thing we do it Of course, clear all existing labels on bottle well and and Swill and degrease I it is made liquid nail polish remover well rubbed bottle and proceed to paint if your home There are paints,
  • 02:00: the glass and ceramics it is wonderful Then paint the bottle by them and if not then take the usual white acrylic paint and paint our bottle for some The reason is because it is not glasses not the courts of this we bottle is certainly not will therefore quite not necessarily using expensive ink Glass and ceramics take krasochki easier to proceed
  • 02:30: coloring sponzhikom as always paint the bottle with all sides can be go on neck we then for decorating as well, is our bottle dried passed about half an hour and now we do for decoupage that I chose here such swipe here
  • 03:00: a completely Christmas story with Santa Claus I It reminds those I know used to be stylized and cards are so old Vintage's still in time my Grandpa brought them from Germany to New Year's toys Our ramps or here such is stylized the old days I like this themes so I chosen for this LCI is working a napkin
  • 03:30: I continue to work I take pva glue bureaucratically because this work is simple it's just bottle that will use one time on the holiday using a simple glue if you do any serious work box dressers decorate or some things on sale there certainly already need to take pva and Construction stronger and better
  • 04:01: in quality I put glue on Try not to bottle lyapat lot glue because then it will be difficult for you drive out from under napkins bubbles are formed and doily very it is very thinly easily torn so it's best wide brush and so thin enough bed
  • 04:33: then I'll take I've found and I will be through smooth out our napkin very carefully We wipe out all of our the edges wipes generally certainly fall in easier than decoupage cards because they thinner but here it is necessary to
  • 05:00: ensure that somewhere not break and gently rented for I cover another top a pva adhesive layer picture we Retrieved from one hand and then goes empty bottle Well here is watching
  • 05:31: Walk in his if you wish You can leave it I like both but then lacks plot so I line I decided to cut more Here's a snippet herringbone Sania then for decorate think I am doing some snowdrift to close them I decided to supplement here the dock
  • 06:00: tree that is that it was some complete story Line range is now I will do and show you so well, So I finished post element I had certainly tinker some places even not one member few had how to collect mosaic but it turned out Here is a complete
  • 06:30: composition but now I take acrylic lacquer open opening up all our drawing so then I I will use this is not entirely new method so to speak I know enough not me of course but it was invented Winter works I enjoy because
  • 07:00: that works look are really colorful winter I I will do such hot glue stains [music]
  • 07:30: so well, that I did fill in a circle Now about neck already here who you wish He wants to ensure access to the opening not fill neck after we Here we paint these our so called Icicles can be here bow tie from satin ribbon and this stop me enjoy complete
  • 08:01: work and I believe that if you pour on top all this glue is nothing terrible It happens and accurately as you open this a bottle of champagne it is easy to cut knife from the cut with stopper so I will fill in a circle to the top so I I made full Fill thermal adhesive It dries very quickly I want to draw your note that necessarily need Now pour this
  • 08:30: border that was but the label itself they beautifully so it was stuck seen necessarily We need to close this border and need to close the border most wipes Here, too, to this I could not see why here we will superimpose here these droplets and so the circle of some bottle heating champagne is not experienced thermo glue dries quickly so it is not
  • 09:00: time to heat up another bottle I foresee a time your questions comments of one no Melt then it is possible that option to do a make twine video about the bell you already know have seen Now take a twine and glue roll up all of this here top of the bottle and paint in white color it will be look no less smartly as stylish so if you do not
  • 09:31: this glue is not worry take cords and do so another option then take again acrylic paint white on sponzhik and paint so that's what we happened those places that do not painted about sponges I have a white paint thin brush you so in them all
  • 10:00: paint over Now I take again lacquer and acrylic tinsel crowning stage our work sparkles small white and take those I cover grow larger varnish nanoshu sequins
  • 10:36: we now sequins fall asleep those elements in the picture which I would like to that shone here for example on snow fur-tree as well here
  • 11:00: let's breast deer and bottom coats Santa Claus too fell asleep sequins as well, it is same course shaped bottom of the bottle so well, that's what I happened stopped all the bottle sequins may be on video they seem
  • 11:30: krupnovat but In fact, they shine like such crystals Model of a small crystals Well today I I made simple I work as promised I am of course very hands itched anything to to do such make a volumetric bathrobe surround with decoupage with paper or make volume for snow I stopped because that the first video I
  • 12:00: promised that this It is very simple work is required no special skills is such I get a bottle [music]
  • 12:38: necessarily We cover it yet a varnish layer fully with neck to strength but do you assess work support I huskies be sure to write no comments subscribe to my channel not forget that the next video will be released on Tuesday
  • 13:00: until we meet again [music]