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Tank for the vacuum cleaner for collecting a struzhkiopilok with the automobile filter - YouTube  See details »




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  • 00:00: those categorically welcome me name is Vyacheslav This video will tell I have done in the tank to collect sawdust additional tanks vacuum cleaner recently I bought a vacuum gas boshevsky 15 ps at it pretty a small amount of all only 15 liters, and most of this the useful volume It holds filter so I understand there is even less liters
  • 00:31: and quickly he clogged with sawdust when working well, clean it not shake convenient to why I I have done for him additional tank that he vacuum cleaner or cleaned by side easier to shake out here so my looks he vacuum cleaner system hose goes from him
  • 01:00: cover center pak bought taste and a gentle 300 rubles because he slightly chipped defective a little on the cheap It turned out according to the drawings on the cover tank for storage of food Flour sugar honey cover e.g. while fairly abuts
  • 01:31: I use any manner it is difficult to 25 liters quite fit many are made Install a filter filter took I bought the most general cheap easy the car does not I do not know what from of a car for what designed in
  • 02:04: he gets through hole in here closed this hole washer with LDSP bus this side loop washer to plastic does not break through not Dig attached through two pins
  • 02:34: principle rather tight Odessits your filter here filter your seal as and here rests cover to keep under no sucking air themselves studs holes, too elastics condensed Now the pipe is
  • 03:00: in plumbing from under the nozzle shell where there is not overlooked just like the times suitable for diameter inside a standard Vacuum Cleaning systems hose from the old cleaner after the release little holes arched took to in the direction of this one
  • 03:32: Panel specifically to too plastic to strengthen it does not break the utilization Well and briefly show how it works effective system how effectively filter automobile cleaned of dust from sawdust extending therethrough water cleaner cheese
  • 04:03: Purified there inside nail files have a filter I did not clean that's a bunch of prepare to strike
  • 04:41: pour Filter has a well, in general
  • 05:06: it can be seen that some were but apparently falls very small court of the Russian Federation consistency but most fine dust naturally passes past the filter the largest but remains vacuum cleaner does not come in
  • 05:32: Generally it all as experience has shown utilization car Air Cleaner as a filter dust extraction very effective for large average dust finely naturally he passes but small already holds himself a vacuum cleaner This principle does not terrible for sim just say goodbye good
  • 06:01: a