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Layfkhaki for the CAR, It it is necessary to KNOW before winter!!  See details »

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  • 00:00: Winter is not far off therefore it is necessary prepare Vehicles today we are going to do this [music] if autumn was dry days the ki be sure to wash car and Treat all the chipped on the body, they often most often on hood on the wings on rapids because here fly with me if the road in front of winter does not handle these injuries even the small spring situation will
  • 00:30: much worse because of the salts and reagents which strew if the road slope fresh all over again degreasing it then use ordinary toothpicks we put suitable for paint colors [music] But when the situation launched processes need converter to rust slow corrosion and so at the same time
  • 01:00: inspect the bottom car and necessity do the treatment anticorrosive if you have some small streaks drinking tube radiator it better to eliminate with the arrival of cold weather the furnace will be much and even more if you do not have a garage then will repair much more difficult do not forget prepare and winter wheel that is clean the head balance since while riding wheels deform so
  • 01:30: the right balance not every year Remember to do sticker when put a spike bus because for 2017 its absence provided a fine of 500 rubles by the way someone else bought winter tires or can wheel find a profitable I'm using the directory there is a huge selection user-friendly interface and thing you can compare prices in different stores very friendly service I advise everyone to links
  • 02:00: will be in the description below video [music] more important point is not Remember to drain the water from the the washer fluid reservoir or if you have a lot of ride is dilute Well it nezamerzayku about half a way to lower temperature and and and pour it likely enough to clarify off-season can also put the tank solo as the heater many do for example, you can enroll on
  • 02:30: throttle it will decently save on nezamerzayki not less important buy brush snow because almost every the day will soon start dwelling car brush, too There are different types of there are hard and soft stringent better clean and do not freeze but leave micro-scratches and soft body is not harm the body but accumulate water itself and freeze completely clean so bad
  • 03:00: I suggest tough but brush fluff in on the tips of the plan brush and have a the pros not forget about because the battery Whether it will be soon wait serious test come and Availability It electrolyte if Dry the plate refill distilled water which enters electrolyte composition and 1 then evaporates make full at his feet clever charge for 12 hours such
  • 03:30: procedure would give a second battery life or at least cheer him up, and more council Apply on door silicone gum grease so-as to time seals harden and lose its elasticity Well, it means help these eventually soften they are more tightly will adhere therefore in the car will be warmer less dust and noise and gum are not will not freeze
  • 04:01: forget about motor oil in cold season better to use proper viscosity, see This table well, Of course my tests to freeze to you will find on the channel stone from a mechanic but she today who video was not helpful forget to thumbs up and share it with friends a [music]