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  • 00:00: [music] Good day dear Ladies and gentlemen, with you Katz, one white I answer to the question on question your questions I was given alone specifically about a ventilation circuit Ventilation in the bath ventilation system doubles indoors and this topic as a I even said
  • 00:30: once it has ripe before that people already interested because literally some five years ago bulk I spoke to Ventilation in the bath is not We need even now those who opponentki that I think before kerf in his chest we do without ventilation we there have we ventilator has its own technology we have our own rules and they now everything is over
  • 01:02: ventilation but Barney ventilation ventilation Rosen you need to understand the most the main rules they rule It consists of movement physics air masses and understanding that kc If we make one hole that
  • 01:30: we have to enter the air we must and make a hole air outlet Never ventilation is not It will work through one opening what we say it is where part of the pane air it has gone out of the Come says no wrong ventilation facilities and room ventilation different things because ventilation
  • 02:01: It exists for several tasks first task is just provide human fresh air to respiratory least 2 it is important to create or help create the necessary condition that means clean up excess moisture from
  • 02:31: premises seemingly as many have in this it seems to reproach I'm here because he a contradiction we need you create humidity and the same time, I'm talking about including ventilation protections we reduce humidity completely right because we bath constantly applied water for steam and constantly get receiving pairs pairs
  • 03:02: if we do it as It said some Now we have created a pie this cake we gives gives nothing except that understanding that this room there ventilation and Ventilation in the bath should always move from fresh It comes fresh air as It is shown in Scheme
  • 03:30: area of the furnace for the left it is warmed by the furnace captured with a a portion of steam and went to region it should hover bar I must go hanging over the stove is will only ventilation only flows collective a plus air flows outgoing air He climbed it starts condense starts to become heavier, plus the fact that the
  • 04:01: we work with a broom and he begins sink and here he already we do not need Now this humidity which, as a I fell on the floor of tanks compensated We do not need it already all she had and we worked But from the need to create movement in this marriage in order to get a new stream we have a new batch must actively to Work with we steam generator must actively to create steam
  • 04:30: mode, and only in this time we can steam and here dropping condense she's out of the regiment It takes and goes on channel out here it most optimal for ventilation Russian baths there is another ventilation which It applied for saunas it appears below ceiling because we've got a couple of no
  • 05:01: So throw off the task excess temperature Oh, there she is the ceiling in the bath we try combine well which, under the regiment runs for a period of after falling hover when we need just ventilate room we opening and upper ventilation we it also Carabinieri and then it turns out all perfect ventilation that
  • 05:31: asked to do when some fuel passage It is not well recreation room and on outside could flow cold air overwhelm it condemned cold is not full worry if you It comes near the stove that's how it should be flushed channels is understandable case that the air warmed up
  • 06:00: have only is included here, these But our streams and the most important thing try to understand if you will not Output from space then there is no air and do not let them go down there It will be at least large great hotel all three times higher than in their out how you output drain you come on course
  • 06:30: ventilation in the rules We must have that output that input of the same diameter then everything will be perform optimally ponyasha because of course in case there if it's hand made on the street the windscreen in the flow cold air It can advance even more than is necessary but Overall in general if you follow the rules that you input hole or there the amount of the hole
  • 07:01: input will fit outlet all you have to work will normally mode that's about it just like talk about correct installation ventilation of the correct pattern ventilation and the many are beginning to speak So I made ventilation as you do not but advised that I I made diagonally All the stove ventilation of the regiment
  • 07:31: ventilation but I do not He spoke on the shelf I everywhere if you check out my video before that I spoke under the lash ventilation under the regiment because the man which lies on shelf it should be Karcev at Now this mass expecting couple condensed and warm it steam and only then couples must go on the contrary they Sheppard and flew from the top
  • 08:00: only one perhaps just as well his broom and soar Well there you have You will have partner you went together as if by some reason one went all hover there is no that's how it turned ventilation time under Regiment helps even one person normally warm and steamed Think about it if you have
  • 08:30: concrete questions ask on our forum on our resources go ask and we ask you are ready at any but the time to answer just as they say do not just reject and throwing and hostility many are beginning to that if I end I say something unpleasant for him things withered cook some first let's share bet and then
  • 09:00: We decide who right angles wrong understanding moments chest