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Crabsticks Curly-headed salad - Povarinka  See details »

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  • 00:19: hi yes and I wanted to surprise today will do salad of crab sticks
  • 00:31: there will still include cucumber here this curly vermicelli to curly's Look at it as Anyway still call Boiled eggs to go here of course pepper and salt to taste mayonnaise salad It has done very quickly obtained wonderfully delicious and again without meat from doing this salad with the fact that I'm here
  • 01:01: this curly vermishelku like this that's right in the bag So programm centuries it I broke down at a small parts pour but such capacity has not turned bags focus so I will give him no bag because I it had opened closed knead
  • 01:31: then it would effective so well, that's all bruised and pour boiling boiling water to Noodles to our already prepared I cover this here saucer, I'll take them in aside 1 tavern I start brewed quickly cut to start with cucumber here is Heartbreak is not with me I'll need I'm doing half
  • 02:02: These are the first platelets then I they are transformed into stripes and from slips will already small cubes now stripes magic Move hand's turn in such a cube small cubes you know everyone
  • 02:30: holiday table Well I It dealt with cucumber pour it into capacity which will start on with head crab I'll also stick do cut into cubes
  • 03:01: 1 sachet of 250 grams for this would be lettuce enough send to cucumbers and now cubes will cut egg say that the finely chopped lettuce the tastier if it is large it is cut one taste finer cuts another taste of pro experiment time will do just fine biggest draw
  • 03:30: note that Only boiled eggs the rest are all living so he made She quickly shares already steamed to see it increased volume and now her salt such durshlachok so that it a little bit dried up and cool open it
  • 04:00: howls and cool are dried and I at the time of the war with bow will he, too, melenko as possible finely chopped ah yes but sometimes Good catches onions your rare until cry people portrayed in Internet Miscellaneous recommendations as a cutting onions and crying there are funny and
  • 04:32: and the water in the mouth dial and goggles dress and honest I did not try any yasnenko this time I somehow I managed without tears but I have now probably the most most Good onion caught because no one I do not tear uttered so leg We look at our vermishelku it
  • 05:00: doing here slightly due cool five minutes we were in it to sypem rest ingredients and have we will fill the salad only has dry out and cool and I pour it and quickly stirred outfit some in my opinion it turns out there are rock zelenenkaja yellowish reds white little to teach a bunch of curly lines
  • 05:30: Now we will add here salt to taste pepper peremeshaem pepper It smells great, too so decorates amazing well, add mayonnaise here up - of course this is not great but we try the following Just to make your homemade mayonnaise our healthy salad
  • 06:02: Yogurt seems to me later not so tasty because it is necessary that the was some piquancy so I I offer to do everything after your home mayonnaise before you pour in a nice salad bowl our salad I had try because I do not know bow enough blame I think it is possible
  • 06:30: the rest of the beam here he does not pour prevent ready I shift to the salad I think that no one disappointed of course you can decorate the top I suppose that's such petrushechkoy
  • 07:03: prepare a salad for some of your holidays and share your comments you liked or no pleasant all appetite