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How to Spin BRACELETS From Beads Without Machine + SCHEMES

How to Spin BRACELETS From Beads Without Machine + SCHEMES  See details »

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  • 00:01: Hello I name Olya previous videos I I have already shown how make such wristbands on the machine and in this video I I show you another Although the technique look bracelets similar scheme can be found in the group VKontakte link It will be on video technique is called hand weaving and consider the example Bracelet width all
  • 00:30: beads recruited thread the first row and a second bead a number one end of the thread We leave little size it is the second threaded needle and we plant in white bead and now pass through gray bead
  • 01:04: on the scheme recruit one white we start bead needle in Lime and pass through white bead
  • 01:38: scheme recruit one Lime We get the needle into the top Lime bead and then through the bottom
  • 02:07: We do the same with each bead until the end of the third series We recruit a number of one gray scheme bead and pass through top gray bead and also through the bottom
  • 02:37: so move on I type one beads can still again review manual scheme weaving where all the details painted
  • 03:04: if over I take a new thread thread yes associate with old thread on nodule extra tips crop the
  • 03:35: I wear a bead on this scheme as usual It hides in a knot beads it is not it is seen that's what I
  • 04:00: happened write to any comments technique you more I like to do such bracelets do not forget subscribe to new video