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Cookies of the DOGGIE on the New Year's table 2018. Incredibly tasty and unusual JOLLY-BOAT shortcake  See details »

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  • 00:00: Today prepare beautiful and unusual shortbread a dog: Tuzik. Since the coming year of the dog, a cookie could not be better suitable for a festive New Year's table. For preparation of such cookies, we need: flour - 320 g Sugar - 100 g butter livochnoe - 200 g cocoa - 2 tbsp. l. vanilla sugar - 10 g Prepare shortcrust pastry. Take the softened butter.
  • 00:31: To this we add the vanilla sugar and sugar. All fray spoon. The oil mixture in several approaches add flour. Flour may need less or more, depending on the flour you use. The dough should have a soft, smooth, and pliable. The finished dough is divided into two equal parts. To one part add cocoa Test
  • 01:02: and knead the dough to homogeneity. Both test pieces were wrapped in plastic wrap and put them in the fridge for half an hour. Chilled dough a little mash and rolled into a sheet thickness of about 3-4 mm. Cookie cutters cut heart hearts light and dark dough.
  • 01:31: Chocolate hearts pererezayem half. Put on a baking bright heart, and dark, cut, lay next to the tabs. Of chocolate dough balls roll down and form the eyes and nose of a dog. Biscuits put in an oven preheated to 180 degrees
  • 02:01: and bake about 10-15 minutes. Dinghy cookies turned out delicious and fun. Kids will absolutely love this cookie. If you like a cookie, make sure you place the Like. Subscribe to my channel "cook at home" and do not forget to click on the bell, to keep abreast of all new video output. The new video will be released tomorrow.
  • 02:30: With you was Oksana Pashko. Prepare delicious! Cook with pleasure!