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Chicken legs in an oven on kefir!

Chicken legs in an oven on kefir!  See details »

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  • 00:04: Hello everyone today we will prepare chicken in yogurt us need naturally prays you can take any I picked up the pieces shin you can take and thigh and Well legs wings all except the breasts in Generally breast for this dish will not be little drily we need yogurt Well, about half a liter this great general it does not matter
  • 00:30: will marinade First of all we prepare naturally this we also marinade It needs garlic Garlic does not regret because he all this will go into yogurt direct the whole head Garlic we miss through chesnokodavilku
  • 01:12: Now here we add salt little can be half a spoon literally fragrant black pepper in general flavored possible add any which you like this on your taste
  • 01:32: add a spoonful of hops suneli chicken specifically months just creeps on slightly infusions and I strongly advise to take basil if there
  • 02:01: I have the opportunity to buy fresh if not the season take dried very fragrant such grass a little bit specific on amateur but this dish in my view it all unmatched leaves not just shall cut as you can in the general it is not a big role will play basil
  • 02:41: we also come here as too little will stand on page apple at that time chicken is now complete
  • 03:01: we all legs we shift here bowl they have will marinate if you never I'm very prepared I advise Now this way of legs out very delicious soft such below unmatched us We need to put marinate for some hours I usually I do at night because it should not stand not sign
  • 03:32: four hours must no longer stand the tastier and more tender then the fragrance will not if you change planning such cook for the celebration in the morning you can marinate let's say in the afternoon or fry all night will be good promarinuetsya all will if the possibility that
  • 04:00: try little for time until it is marinate their little a mix that say that they uniform burst raisins Now everything is ready leave their refrigerate for few hours hen we marinated now we it will bake read need lay parchment paper so it will be convenient
  • 04:32: where we put turn the oven beforehand warmed to 180 degrees legs set oven
  • 05:00: Well about half an hour as well as look for your oven can be a little more all the chicken is very quickly preparing Harry interests hen we are ready hope seen very soft so turned above it must be said if such an appetite fits through now we need to put
  • 05:30: it on the dish in which you will serve if you want you can and even decorate this a family on holiday thinking to prepare
  • 06:09: just that's how I green onions sleep and have get all and beautiful and festive chicken must be submitted to the any garnish the persons to know what hair should be submit to me ring is very tasty
  • 06:31: meat turns out very juicy and tender necessarily try I think the cook you'll like it Thank you all so far till