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Super-means of \"Troychatk\" for a prorashchivaniye of roses - YouTube  See details »

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  • 00:00: [music] Good day my I loved viewers I am today rooting roses show your method is called he is a super impeller super tool for the fact that the sprout roses this old means may be you may have already seen be about it at all not heard such it is possible root and any
  • 00:30: Rose purchased there Garden still some that is, any method very interesting and for that we need medical aloe juice can be taken take in the pharmacy to buy not an ordinary alcohol juice or take an ordinary scarlet that grows and importantly it has to be stand at least half days in the refrigerator Friends if you have not Subscribe to my channel I advise you to subscribe after subscribed to
  • 01:00: Remember to click on the bell notice of withdrawal new video but is always the first thing that we We do this remove leaves that we do not We need to make bevel cut above the bud and a straight cut between two kidneys, and also you need to remove the thorns but that for some reason, So at this grade I
  • 01:30: I can do it on other varieties perfectly cleaned no thorns here we cleaned nighttime ready now let's do this I poured in a solution a glass of water is not under tap a little more adding half there teaspoon honey carefully I stirred by us need 2 teaspoons
  • 02:00: tablespoons of juice, you, too, here and add about a teaspoon Hall and boys mucus I am ready and now we here we put our cuttings about day and then show
  • 02:31: what to do about hours have passed or What's next then we need prepare attack pot is I cook it in I have such a substrate enough I also nutritious wanted to know what add and teach students must be live if you take of the bouquets they should be well, at least February 3 kidneys must be Such are well perky but now
  • 03:01: vent and put our two cuttings are They stood for hours Super krolchatki so called compacting priming after
  • 03:31: seated need to take it all depends on pot diameter or I take the package as or you can take cut related to the bottle is that what you have at hand and should be will be put such as during the warm place from time to wherein the time 2 to 3 times week will need to bag slightly open give cuttings breathe fully
  • 04:00: it can not be removed because all the same to keep temperature and when it will be cutting awakening Anything can happen in different ways all depends on temperature of the quality of the cutting and land and I do not know all from all but in this way can be root tench and difficult uk cuttings of roses I do not know What about the other I tried colors only cuttings of roses
  • 04:30: It could be someone tried other plants other flowers write please for video What do you think about this mixture is about Super trifoliate too not necessarily write I will be very glad and after and then I stood I did I will not pour out at I then still have several cuttings Rose will also rooting and also I will certainly put I'll show you where
  • 05:00: all awaken when they start to grow cuttings or actively not grow at all life is one hundred interest result no one is sure because so that it is not blame me if even because I happen to you all show so how all this happens, I you sure I show all around Thank you for attention until the next meeting all bye bye