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  • 00:00: Hello dear gardeners and friends gardeners today I you want to show your seedlings potatoes which I sowed the seeds and to tell about Later my care for the shoots in this , I want to get qualitative planting and for this purpose also planted potatoes all of us I have here two varieties potatoes in all produced 16 and 17 March germinated seeds in disposable
  • 00:30: cups first brand that I have It is the number 1 is revenge and second grade number 2 beauty although I have sowed germinated seeds still seedlings appear uneven theres point that sprouted earlier present day look stronger and those who went up later a little behind initially in the development of in the cup I spread ground for one full tablespoon land with
  • 01:01: the expectation that in Later it was possible to would gradually pour on the seedlings with planting Earth Day 22 days and during that time I once at the stage cotyledon leaves did podsypku ground ground slipped so to cotyledonary leaves were above the surface soil ove stalk It would be in the ground Now you Siberia again and tightened today I will have second hilling
  • 01:31: after germination Containers with these potatoes were at me on the shelf under the luminesce lamp and now week and a half are already on the windowsill in the natural light I think that somewhere in a week when when my walls kid's husband build shelves I was there and rearranging seedling potato all is there light more than windowsill and seedlings will be held at tempering reduced night
  • 02:00: Temperature and now I I will show you how I'm going I spud seedlings cooked loose substrate of universal the purchase of land in He has added some coconut fibers and perlite for theres more looseness point that stronger than I pour almost this leaves to cotyledonary leaves were and those under the ground who have little bunch up slightly cotyledon leaves after hilling bit dust to earth
  • 02:31: seedlings settled in potatoes is very gentle they are more than tomatoes can subjected to black legs so when they are still quite small should not be to overdo field of irrigation to Irrigation topsheet the soil should have time to to dry but full peresushka earthen coma and no undesirable fertilizing, I do not I did think weeks two will need to do first here is a top dressing
  • 03:02: my care for seedlings potato principle nothing fancy I I do not see and even very interesting see that from but this will my current video come to an end and I you say goodbye I wish you good luck in everything and with excellent yields you was Tatiana gardener until all yet until we meet again