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MEDOVIK cake - well, very tasty!

MEDOVIK cake - well, very tasty!  See details »

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  • 00:00: [music] Hello everyone today I will prepare very delicious cake familiar childhood is a honey cake or as it is so called saffron
  • 00:30: what products I to this need flour for dough honey butter pinch salt soda eggs and cane Brown sugar you can take an ordinary fatty cream sour cream or natural yoghurt granulated sugar vanilla extract or vanilla sugar and lemon juice to start prepare the dough into pan pour a little water and put on the fire to heat up we test Brewing on a steam
  • 01:00: bath butter need to melt so it I shift in small capacity and I put on fire eggs break in in a deep bowl which will cook the dough into egg pour the sugar and little whisk whisk the eggs much shoot down do not need so we shall always stir egg adding honey mixture Honey is advisable to take
  • 01:32: toothsome that you like mix add warm melted butter and quickly stir see the sofa graphically already melted show mixed products in saucepan water boil and put our mix in the water bath and all the time stir to oil evenly
  • 02:00: I heated it to us you need to make after As our weight heated for 5 min, a pinch of salt and soda and stir again must happen reaction and Mars eyes begin increase in the amount It produces large number of small bubbles the most important thing all time interfere I make a lot of still for 5 minutes continuously Stir and remove
  • 02:31: with a water bath in general complexity in time It took us exactly 10 minutes now hot add the flour weight and knead the dough corolla remove take spatula and pour the remaining flour
  • 03:00: it should not turn or tuberculin liquid must get soft elastic dough Put the dough on a table and continue knead
  • 03:35: such a beautiful dough You should have and now we need it divide into 10 equal Divide the dough into pieces wooden parts and Now every part divide by 5 parts Cover the dough cling film to it does not have zavetrilos yet
  • 04:03: warm dough unroll it in thin layer thickness somewhere around one millimeter roll comfortably on silicone mat and then before the shift on an overall paper [music] fork and prick remove the oven bake in minutes two or three in a preheated
  • 04:30: oven hundred ninety degrees watching as soon as he towel immediately take out oven until the cake baked roll out the next piece Test passed 3 minutes cake prepared and crop remove the pieces of dough they will come in handy cake decorating how prepared Now trim grind in order to sprinkle tank and I
  • 05:00: I want to say that you can divide the dough into 8 equal portions 10 cakes obtained the dough very thinly and if you can range of work you get slim roll out the good if not then better and make if will prepare first make into eight parts then also be slightly thicker and you necessarily all get ready we need 1 Cream tablespoon of juice
  • 05:31: lemon to to start sour cream if you have no fat and liquid best it weigh at night or for several hours multiple layers roll gauze or thick cloth and hang in the glass whey to sour cream It will be more dense and you will be easier make cream that will not drain cake and will hold I squeeze the juice form Lemon juice is also
  • 06:01: It will be very good fredag giving our cake and sour Sour cream should be chilled out the refrigerator add vanilla extract or Vanilla sugar is we need to flavor whisk and whisk at low speed just a couple of minutes and gradually introduce sugar [music]
  • 06:40: Cream bring down for 5 minutes gradually adding speed all ready left Only assemble the cake [music]
  • 07:02: Crimea put about four tablespoons spoons [music] it is not necessary to press down quite literally just a little lock
  • 07:52: then we collect the remaining wrap the tank
  • 08:02: almost ready remove it in refrigerator until we will deal with decoration for someone I want beautify of white chocolate I will do it simulation for hundreds this I will use packaging film which with pimples in one of the videos I I am doing this type of Decoration 2 bees not replace chocolate candy and wings it will be Almonds and so get down first
  • 08:31: Melt chocolate on water bath chocolate Melt look very carefully it is not important overheat it is very moody high temperatures white chocolate collapses completely I have some chocolate I take to paint stripes to bee colored yellow reply remember eating dye scale laying on film and level Cover cake
  • 09:02: so cool chocolate very quickly apprehend remove cake back into fridge chocolate paint stripes [music] [music] and sugar topping make eyes
  • 09:35: I will show it was hardens and can be will make wings chocolate stood neatly shoot a film sprinkled crumbs imitation juice fill droplets honey
  • 10:04: [music] Chocolate can be paid Wings do business a small slot [music] Chelak transplant here is a motor very fun delicious to look at me
  • 10:30: I turned left wait for it will remain I think that hours three or four will enough and can be bring to the table and I I wish you all bon appetit try cook recipe classical and simple and I'm with you I forgive all until [music] [music]
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  • 11:32: [music] [music]