Chicken roll in a package from under juice! Chicken in tetra pak! Tasty, quickly, purely.

Chicken roll in a package from under juice! Chicken in tetra pak! Tasty, quickly, purely.  See details »

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  • 00:00: [music] Hello, friends prepare today packaging chicken Tetra Pak juice from we bought a chicken legs, in principle, You may take any chicken meat removed peel you separate the meat from the bones [music] skins we are set aside and meat we shall cut in small pieces
  • 00:32: Meat section 2 sudochki on exactly I drove a set of castors add finely chopped skins cleaned of excess fat finely shall cut prunes and also add it to the meat and now add a little spice red ground pepper Khmeli Suneli salt
  • 01:02: Dried Ginger giving naughty add a couple of notes tablespoons cognac stir and We leave for chasing to meat marinated but in the second a set of castors simply by adding all those the spices instead skins and prunes add chicken ventricles that we washed and sliced in small pieces
  • 01:31: so we will two kinds of chicken sausages [music] now every add a set of castors on full tablespoon Slide-gelatin Mix everything again take any Tetra Pak cartons on milk from the juice we shift into it chicken meat should definitely ram spoon
  • 02:00: the meat has laid down tightly Water does not add necessary when cooking meat will juice Cover with lids [music] accidents will be high pan on the bottom put clean cloth as in sterilization and then packaging Tetra Pak and the pour spout water We would like to cover with boiling diminish fire and cook about half an hour
  • 02:32: after the time We get meat packing on a dish set press We give to cool completely and then to remove few hours Now the fridge try to remove packing Here's a chicken roll turned roll with it chicken ventricles remove the packaging from 2
  • 03:01: roll with prunes beauty fragrance here is superb original and tasty and very beautiful dish we cooked especially good wheel prunes quite can decorate festive table guests will be satisfied if you like Our videos are not Remember to subscribe per channel and deliver Like Join us groups in social networks links to you find a description offer your
  • 03:30: share recipes our videos friends and be sure to write no comments bon appetit