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As the flypaper (the frictional tire) works. Detailed video. Just about difficult  See details »

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  • 00:04: and so all friends good day after my article or spikes Velcro after my video of his way You can see here here here fell in the general questions broke out in this more less understand how they work that has thorns dig into the ice Floor and they
  • 00:30: Basically cling ice is these very spines spines pierce it ice cover and thereby tire like claws clings to the ice and pushing the car but Many write to me and how still works Velcro that is here people do not understand it there due to what there It is happening here engagement so to speak zalet whereby it as it does not slip on ice and whereby it is, in principle, all cling in general, the guys decided to
  • 01:01: take such small video first I want to tell that's what the have look at whether winter tires to it or spikes Velcro in front of her We should do all The first three tasks the problem is overcoming the ice obstacles that have is when groomed there any ice potassium there is groomed ice is there are such Find your way brilliantly so to speak going it sparkles
  • 01:30: the second is overcoming the snow roads when lying snow that is up ice there is quite far from the there is snow there big or the little that is tires must also effectively held on ice And the third is snow porridge and water look if you take the thorns or Velcro begin rights traktor pro is 2 and when snow tires and it spikes and they Velcro in
  • 02:00: Basically the snow They work the same on snow does not matter where we spikes have a Velcro is important to us Protector Protector So you see here I printed here are three such kartinochki here everywhere Protector different here here here but he's tall, he Rugged and he effectively clings of the League for the snow but he effectively clings of snow just before
  • 02:30: the moment it is not reach ice that is books if you leave the snow begin your wheels they slip quickly reach to the lower layer if at the bottom you are ice is already there connected or spikes or friction but the layer of Velcro broke out and everything is clear let's talk about friction layer here Incidentally Velcro yet sometimes called friction tire that such friction
  • 03:00: bus if you translate Well guys like it there is not something that translate as if tell it means this friction thus creating increased friction is have the tire creating increased friction here look here I I opened the very I was looking for a long time such information in Runet is not now found in Japanese Internet in Generally if you take and Now any surface tires or it would have been her you that everyone
  • 03:30: producer Of course in different ways Basically it here averaged information and Now, these tires under microscope and this practically but it is always see step we have 0.3 millimeter and if look at the rubber under the magnifying glass or she microscope us it turns out that's these grooves here is there is here such here grooves here such here small rytvinki what is done
  • 04:00: rubber we obtained ie rough it creates high friction on the Ice is the same that if you take for example some rough pries it if rough very rough kids present if you take a small sandpaper and try hold and then ice have skin we certainly not to slide She will begin this ice grind here Velcro works Basically on this here
  • 04:30: principle, see here Velcro front costs 3 the problem is microfilm second engage for surface drainage moisture microfilm guys microfilm just the same and and struggling here these here with micro grooves film look when the wheel we turns it necessarily that is, is warming up she was there to sleep two or ie it circled always present positive and when the temperature and
  • 05:00: this wheel is It comes on the ice accordingly, it He begins his little patch up appears microfilm water and the micro film somehow we must take just the same microfilm we He comes here these here pores that is, it leaks in the the pores but this very rough surface is already begins to rub it is very dry ice but that's not to be unfounded small vstavochka a short video We look at movement on ice coating
  • 05:30: between the wheel and ice formed microfilm water microfilm the film has effectively removed the clutch space in Velcro a special layer which removes the micro film, he his as it absorbs your Protector comes it is here and so this layer we see it
  • 06:01: indented grooves and certain holes pinholes thanks to this capacity to conduct micro film traction on icy coverage increases car effectively stops and accelerates I think it became clear she devotes Here's a micro film Now thanks to this water drainage wheel
  • 06:30: clinging to continue He starts to go but See the second here on top of the mesh grip of surface I He said the snow is clings to it high tread but if that's done here is a rough imagine a wheel just made here of Friction here such that's just rubber bald ie it no it is not any protector it's just such a rough it wheel course will
  • 07:00: clinging as it non-slip but it is not It will not cling so effective that there we need here are those Now here these slots Here slats here pure physics works and whether they are bodies bend when awaits determined load that is you load can go as permissible horizontal and vertically and when the wheel is spinning, we Just load it there completely different if you say car blows it
  • 07:31: the right and left there horizontally so we manifest vertical manifests and these that's just the same, and lamella they start to work in specific sequence that is, sometimes even here now are here here such here small slits and They work for us in a very certain sequence that is, they work like chess again to be unfounded a short video we look friction
  • 08:03: winter tires or Velcro is great the number of sipes they are depending on loads can bend or vertical plane or in the horizontal plane Depending on how loaded the car moves it forward or blows left or right By the way this video company dunlop
  • 08:30: Now they have such as Now their work namely Velcro the friction tire ie when the car there blows to or work here horizontal say's it's This here's the they slats bend it horizontal if machine work for us forward the manifest vertical this one it is here and there bodies as if they bite ie it is such as Backup ie anti spanking so then
  • 09:00: ie when the machine is they sag just under definitely need angle and cleaned here this here friction tires under certain the desired angle ie These slots here it is just the same, and are possible so say the velcro there they go almost always horizontally to the surface that let's say you need adhere to this
  • 09:30: surface that is tires so here again and it is always in the direct contact with I think the surface it is also clear further moisture removal Here moisture removal and here in the tires just it is far better than the thorns spikes removal of moisture What is meant that is, if you take if slushy weather take slush I want to say thorns they still little acts and have spikes if they is admissible piece
  • 10:00: gum they are like usually this is such a Well here it goes she Rush for example, in our own here but here goes here always have this one here's a piece where spikes inserted here Hardly ever there is never any lamella that is it here is a piece of and these pieces scattered on the rubber spike quite a lot here These particles are here impair traction on the asphalt It has thorns they can not fight with water and they
  • 10:32: braking distances increases in Velcro such is not present ie Velcro it is so to speak always ready to snow and to ice and wet weather and it she is beautiful clings first the entire surface all-all new pit contacts in rubber Now she does not have those here spines here so it is much feel better itself is on wet surface
  • 11:01: ie snow porridge that is, unhooking all wheel but these here slots are perfectly It removes snow and water way here see slots can be such such here I specially print out show that it is not always just a drawing pictures It is, in principle, much in every manufacturer He tries to make its super Velcro let's say that's the guys Here is such a small but as I
  • 11:30: I think useful article in principle, no I do not have secrets here I think countertops is this is now more time collector tire or called friction tire and these here sipes work here that is, they direct particles rubber is in the right side of Essentially all here and so working Velcro friction rubber on it all I think you will like it subscribe to our
  • 12:00: channel set husky is still a lot useful video all until all children but