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  • 00:00: [Music] hey guys you're watching danske the place to be to develop your creative skills in this tutorial we're going to learn how to create a blob logo design in Adobe Illustrator so you can see an example on screen of the logo that we're going to be creating lots of circles all joined together in a very blob-like fashion so if we just drag this out of the way for now the first thing to do is grab the ellipse tool and just left-click and hold shift to draw a
  • 00:31: circle or we can just single left click anywhere on the artboard and type in a value so I'm going to give this a width and height of 150 pixels and click OK and just make sure that the stroke is set to none and that we have a fill color so I've got a turquoise fill color here and if you'd like to grab any of these swatches there'll be a link in the description to download the illustrator file with this graphic in and you can grab them directly there so we're going to zoom in now the first thing we need
  • 01:01: to do is create this blob join together style effect and we're going to do that by holding alt and a shift and left clicking and dragging down and to the left so I'm holding alt and shift shift keeps it a 45 degree angle and alt creates a copy and let go if I just zoom in really close with the zoom tool I need to make sure that these are touching now we can switch into outline mode that's command or control Y
  • 01:30: and effectively we get a wireframe but I've got to hold shift if I want to move this at all just so it stays on that 45-degree line and you can see they're pretty much touching there in fact there's a very tiny bit of overlap but that is absolutely fine remember we are zoomed in very far when you zoom out it's pretty good now I'm going to do the same again hold alt and shift and left-click and drag this one to the right and again I'm going to zoom in on
  • 02:00: this point now I'm going to hold shift again and this one has to stay on the horizontal axes so whichever direction I'm dragging when I create a shape whether it's diagonally or horizontally I need to adjust it so that it just about lines up or ever so slightly overlaps but I need to hold shift to make sure it doesn't go out of line with the one that I had before it so we're going to do one more the top one here holding alt and shift left click and
  • 02:30: drag down and just zoom in on that point and again I'm going to hold shift and left-click and this has to move on the vertical axis so up or down there we go perfect so you should end up with something that looks like this and again we can press command or control Y to come out of outline mode and then what we can do is drag over everything and use the shape builder tool to drag through the center and then hold alt so
  • 03:03: you get that minus key appear and just left-click hold alt left-click and it will remove those other two now if you don't have access to the shape builder tool if you are on an older version of Illustrator you can do a similar thing with the Pathfinder panel here you can use unite to combine shapes together and subtract or minus front to knock them out and if you don't see that on the right you can go up to window down to Pathfinder and it's there so we've
  • 03:31: created that blob effect we do need to get our original circle back so a very cheeky way of doing this is to select the shape we've just created go to edit and cut and what that does is remove it and copy it to the clipboard now we can then keep pressing the shortcut here command or ctrl z to go back so we'll go back until we have our original circle and just select these and hit delete or backspace and then go to edit and paste in place and it will paste in the blob
  • 04:03: like effect that we created and we have that original circle as well so what we're going to do now is I think we'll color these up as we go I think you see all my swatches are nicely organized in order now the next one's pretty easy we just have to drag holding alt and as we drag holding alt will create a copy and these smart guides are being very helpful in lining stuff up and if you want to turn them on you can do this here and again I'm going to hold
  • 04:32: alt and shift and create a copy boom snaps in place Thank You illustrator so again we can use the shape builder tool to drag through and combine these together or as I mentioned we can use the Pathfinder panel and select unite so either of those two ways works it just depends what version of illustrator you're using now we can change the color of this to that as we go and I can drag
  • 05:00: over the top too now because the bottom half is the same so we can go edit copy edit paste in place object transform reflect and we'll reflect this along the horizontal axes and just hold shift and drag this down and it snaps in place let's just zoom in there and just set this one here to the front and we can
  • 05:30: press command or ctrl Y and just zoom in a little bit and if you want to zoom in super super close and just check everything lines up be my guest just to get it all perfect and then we can go ahead and just color up these last few swatches let's just zoom in here we've got a little bit of an overlap there so where you have that overlap you can go in a range and just
  • 06:00: bring certain colors to the front and then once we've done that just dread over everything go to object and group and this all moves round together as one complete shape and there we go that's how to create a blob logo design in Adobe Illustrator guys if you'd like to become a patron of the channel and get access to the private live streams free downloads behind the scenes or just chat
  • 06:30: with me directly there is a link in the description to my patreon page but as always guys thank you so much for watching take care and I'll see you next [Music] [Music]