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Currant pie! Recipe of pie with blackcurrant, very tasty berry pie!

Currant pie! Recipe of pie with blackcurrant, very tasty berry pie!  See details »

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  • 00:00: [music] Hello, friends we want please their close something tasty let's bake pie with currants prepare the following products cream margarine vanilla sugar for flavor condensed milk egg soda with a pinch of salt
  • 00:30: baking soda and salt combine flour mix all liquid components condensed cream add milk sugar and vanilla [music] separate the yolks from proteins use only pour the egg yolks melted margarine or I wish all the oil stir until dissolve sugar
  • 01:00: [music] adding gradually flour knead the dough the dough is obtained as thick cream or as a test for pancakes half of the dough pour in advance prepared form and distribute evenly over the bottom prepare the filling clean and dry interspersed with currants starch and add
  • 01:32: sugar mix spread on the dough distribute evenly top close the remaining berries test like this shape with a pie I put in the oven for 45 50 minutes at a temperature of a hundred eighty 90 degrees at the end of specified time We get the finished cake
  • 02:03: beautiful cake ruddy fragrant well risen and so we have prepared quick simple cake with currants thus it is very tender and delicious if you liked our Videos do not forget subscribe and Like Join us groups in social networks links to you find a description offer your recipes share our videos with friends and be sure to write
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