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Dress with the sleeve passing into a flounce. We model.  See details »

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  • 00:09: Hello, I Tatiana horn and today we let's talk about model which has a very interesting sleeve dress herself It is made from knitted fabric or from any dress fabrics that have elastane here side
  • 00:31: breastplate tuck passes in relief the board itself if you really narrowed You will make the product slinky is possible Sew the zipper 50 centimeters secret but a dress we are not talking because we such models relief I have a very
  • 01:01: a lot on the canal so you already know how carry the product with reliefs here we will do focus only on the sleeve so the sketch in side if you a desire to buy my basic lessons which of 18 and subsequently get consultations write my email or
  • 01:33: in contacts I'll be sure to I answer first all we do sleeve Pattern strictly according to their armhole to be in the product and women cup and so we We will talk about sleeve these details, I'll take that they are not me Now be prevented caution from the center of the sleeve
  • 02:01: the very top of the video we postpone 20 centimeters to this a place cut and drill shaft to this place, too, will be cut so we draw a cut at first constructively line for this place
  • 02:34: razdvizhki 20 centimeters and then we divide into equal parts like this sleeve way to to his now I push I show you how done so before
  • 03:02: how to cut the pattern we Sleeve You must sign it to the front of the I have taught you and to before but since we are all razdvinet and we may lose the mark we will sign below the front of front of respectively here to the rear
  • 03:31: what part but Now I dare cut and do not cuts reaching 1 millimeter not to lose all details
  • 04:01: like this We will push for shaft respectively the second part of the sleeve You see now easily push now I do not have zagotovochka I have to not take
  • 04:30: your time is ready to color I made paper razdvizhki and secure on paper on color to you It knew better Frankly that here in this place you can do single cut wing arm and can be and make the seam in someone how much
  • 05:00: Now I have enough fabric you should write that there will share direction along this time share direction here parallel I I put ticker therefore this part of the and this part will be to sleeves center be you, too for now I share
  • 05:33: I will show you the second part of this parts I did razdvizhki second of the sleeve that is If we did it rear part of it we signed it well seen this part of the front and now we We remove these items and we get sleeve Pattern which the fit should our model
  • 06:00: that the picture pictured here as I already told you you can carve out one-piece sleeve let's say I fold and made knocking can and that's how cut out we know that this share direction clear and
  • 06:30: We reveal of the sleeve shared part here respectively, too hem or you cut out here so where you have enough fabric as you positioning and such as many as parts need the 2 has rear front one half sleeves and put face to face carve out and another arm
  • 07:01: here definitely you need to make a mark center Sleeve is to shoulder seam here we distance of 20 centimeters as the made on the pattern We must make a but under extreme extreme we do for a centimeter 4 constructive line on which we
  • 07:31: first cut detail spread it on the pattern that we when it turns away VOLANCHIK at this location under the edge on and I was It was very carefully treated so to everything was perfect, I I show you how do it here with us five centimeters 45
  • 08:01: centimeters for the first constructive line here we have a margin on the I in order to process because we see in the model red dress and black a girl I did here yellow to little was posimpatichnee Well, you do like You want and can black background little red flower to each his own
  • 08:31: most importantly how to do this, and so you It can mean to primarily because both left in our seam you sewed Furnishing fabrics inside the shaft's thus by around the sleeve is primarily
  • 09:01: then you unscrew under extreme and together with the sleeve with cork from under you extremely grind in the armhole the product well, I I think you all explained I hope you all You understand and manage with the sleeve This complex Nothing on this I
  • 09:30: I want you say goodbye to you all good until the next meeting with you was Tatiana scolded