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Reanimation of orchids in water without drying. Rules which CAN not be violated!

Reanimation of orchids in water without drying. Rules which CAN not be violated!  See details »

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  • 00:00: Hello to you Natalia Welcome to my channel today talk about sore subject typically resuscitation Phalaenopsis in water without drying them well consider an error which in no case can admit especially when Resuscitation orchids water
  • 00:30: I went to all own experience that is, despite the fact I showed you Video about these reanimashka and He told about the what not to do but she went in same spirit as they say this video soon a promise to herself and
  • 01:02: in its reanimashka that I from this day never again I will make the same mistakes which I did on throughout this time [music] because I do but recently I grow orchids water that is from February month course I
  • 01:33: He studied at the video people that it video placed but the fact that I have at this point formed a very many own reanimashka because I grew up this orchids in clay and I did not do it it turned out that is, I orchids eventually
  • 02:00: We come here in step resuscitation and and then died then here on the Internet I found a few Orchid lovers have which has its own TV where I watched how they grow its orchids and here's how once this method I Well, let's say attracted I began to try I began to it gets very
  • 02:30: there is an effect was but noticeable almost there in a month or two I am very happy He has not lost since any of his orchids ki still I hope that does not even lose one in I is in very poor I can state later also show I want now Example here of of Architects straight on each walk and
  • 03:00: to show you what I made mistakes Compare these orchids whom I have them literally recently filmed video resuscitation orchid part 2 and show you what It happened on compared here with the and so during the period Resuscitation orchids There are several water rules and now I will they all sounded and then
  • 03:30: More details on each take a walk so The first is to keep the always the same water level I made mistakes and the water level I I observed the raised and did his higher worse orchids second Generally, if you there are new roots in any
  • 04:01: case not top up Do not immerse the water yourself these new roots in water otherwise melamine rot the third rule is not cut the cords all the filaments which from simply rotting clean not even leave bare strands for Power orchids in these orchids at all in
  • 04:31: some period I cut the cords and Orchid immediately ceased development well actually but also more importantly Typically in any case is not immersed neck in water if the cervix is sufficiently long and roots at This is even higher
  • 05:01: It is than the neck neck must be removed ie cut and q keep orchids in this case of water and so it is let us with this rules and start Now you show compare this orchid in the past as a video she looked and Now that's what it It was on the last video such is their orchids hence, too, leaf
  • 05:30: already just how large and that's very root beautiful and now look up what it pressed that is, the neck He was immersed in water respectively, went but the process of decay So tell me the most Orchid those the roots of which have been newcomers in the it contains a point I here so I just Now due to the fact that it's neck cup
  • 06:00: channel around so as it's worth it at all dry and these two circles are over the water too now they wet due to the fact that until the sweet bek back and forth plan moist means to Currently yes leaf grown and all as if all of a leaf fine but root a young pitchfork
  • 06:31: on rotted or more others koreshochki purchased but so we see this here I was just understand that this stems not know he will develop or not, and here you see the dark zelenenkaja is speck that is, it seems to me you are just It will also be a brand new koreshochki ie to get out now I keep Orchid clear over
  • 07:01: water if they look it here in this way the have here slog down we say nothing so long as that's but then again, I also found channel is very interesting there girl really me it is very little video it's her Orchid Key over water everything is fine
  • 07:30: grow roots in generally all that is wonderful All I have now their resuscitation I kept that way lest there be in any orchids neck ki not I get wet and another an example of such Vileika this is also compare previous video I gave another new
  • 08:01: leaf climb here at I have roots in the everywhere here at old root reached new here now and here this tip here see 1 cubic showered you with on the other hand, and with on the other hand here also swore wax
  • 08:30: and the tip of what is now then you saw that there rose a new root neck was much I less than whole gang He cuts but now see what It happened to the new spine It looks sad but I do not leave
  • 09:00: hope see here here it was This place here is have you not here laminate rot here is a filament absent all that is, he soon from rot I simply brush this one plump koreshochki this is but also plump in the Purchase tip Generally the same way I
  • 09:30: it raised no now she have some water growing on me Vodicka but these bags tips I put too now she looks like if it is wet because I was carrying cups and difficult soaked to the melamine It could mean here these here white stains on it fertilizer, too are not I have nourished and the orchid that is, it's nothing terrible cleared
  • 10:01: washed off until I have them I try to do marginally do not get out of their houses of cups so they have me all for now are hoping that the following video will not so sad although there Well, how would I grieve only that had lost This new roots orhideyka and not only
  • 10:30: but it's actually All this is a lesson to me All the remaining time because it was one orhideyka here See video about it's a plant I am beginning to dry the last leaf It stems from the fact that So he gave me brand new leaf in the center's roots something while I'm away
  • 11:00: no I do not see here Here, too, it was the spine He led thereto from min even removed the greens and here's a look that it now that is, I have it brought intact from further and and continued to pour water and more at she told you not increase the level water in general see
  • 11:32: this is how it is now I did not even look I know if we do not hardly but hope to survive in I still have it costs me together with the I orhideyka recently filmed which in moss and it is given spine that is here This orhideyka I standing here and so
  • 12:01: leaf that is down leaf is on ear, neck, as it were It looks upward it aired blown if the rot there went into the I have of course I do not save but if we maxims It helps this is now red means it fungicide called maxims that is here
  • 12:30: if I'm just so processed and say there is not cut off the most point of growth then there is a chance in the general too, will her Watch and observe will show you the result that it will continue means orchids ki here it is eaten stick was also about
  • 13:01: it is very much video late and about how it Spider eating and subsequently here see this one leaf forest that got a little corrugated here which he had burly grown over but this time, again see the what happened to roots, they began I was delighted to grow Fiji has increased the water level here
  • 13:30: the result of the whole melomen ADH Neil now here Such are the thoughts of the strand from young back off Well now I am again all levels hold the same some all others koreshochki these ones not in the water, and that's continues actually its growth all is well everything grows I promise that I will not greater lift
  • 14:01: let all levels as there is growing neck while I It is not submerged in water Well I hope that This is basically a orhideyka exactly all going to make it in He will succeed the there's such a h I hold the neck level much higher then immersed two spine multiple strands all
  • 14:30: the rest of Vodicka means next orhideyka It has about the same many videos out there about cobweb in the roots there and so on, Generally the gossamer it was not for nothing that it was necessary to clean water level it was necessary to roots still more less were kilned so they say but a But in general here
  • 15:02: as she It left with roots this side at all all were bare melamine the whole rotten but then again I stopped with all experiments Now I hold one and the same level and I hope that everything it will be fine for it's level
  • 15:30: such that there is this one Only one peccadillo that's so absorbed everything latest archive q who want it now show just that more than all the others less good as it result there I nothing has changed, and not everything is in order here, too, look at what She had roots in the Last videos as well, here is very beautiful young root here such a formed and here's a look
  • 16:01: Now that she has one here is such a powerful root but he himself I set off into the water itself She entered her adopted in this system and here began led cop to develop it under the water submarine a system that is all behind this I do not orchid worried about this root also has led no mines rot here these
  • 16:31: cover were also young pitchfork over rotted All other covers purchase flowed but now too Restarts a process that is here 1 cubic meters flowed here tip here because he toast does not remain but here it is just released Recently, another spine cervix is too much above and you You can view
  • 17:00: Despite this fact there she can see all that same as if moist but it is not immersed in the water I have also this Orchid gather higher Here we are about neck such a level of I leave here to call all the roots are higher they are not that's damaged well, so generally leaves I grew up here too
  • 17:31: newcomers were leaves they grew Well, in general, have more it will be all right unless of course I do not I have done mistakes again but I no longer I can mock his architects all I I will not lift the water level will not wet neck and all
  • 18:01: I promise to be excellent You promise yourself I promise your orchids com Well, that's all put the huskies subscribe to my Channel in front of you waiting for many more interesting to you Natalia was until