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Level with loops for buttons, very easy way for all cars.  See details »



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  • 00:01: I welcome you to my channel Cinderella subscribers guests my channel directly from Thread a little bit depart I want to say because I eliminate I help people troubleshoot namely technical way with knitting machines Toyota 858 but
  • 00:30: I recently with Israel had also like to help person restore car washer truth It was also giving him a little higher No. 901 also there germanium Belarus and Ukraine in general, as not important thing I just why My comments have mail I now voiced its Madeleine means 153
  • 01:01: dog google beacon here write me back on their problems with I mail machines check and be sure to help here's what we know eliminated by this because we sometimes fit into skype in general people many restored their cars if there I am asking you refer it to
  • 01:30: my mail now on topic today I want show one way knitting strips means of buttons That's the way it's not my it showed in the video in English roberto rossi in my Kelly but that's courser
  • 02:00: any ways I tried This is very, very like the first get a very such good uniform loops not contracted Chambers but the canvas I mean she planochka resulting knitting here these it holes up under the buttons of also do not have to move on some partial knitting and so on then
  • 02:30: there knitting Now with such strips such holes available literally all machines here some manual laying and filament etc. Today I just want to say as already explained Russian language is very a lot of students and etc. possible you'll love this So way to start
  • 03:01: not much to say I will then have all the same that's on the wrong side here look like turns out they look here fully petra closed and there that is very very equally interesting as processed absolutely so start Here I mean untied 8 rows now it is necessary to me withdraw
  • 03:31: I'll get four needles under the big buttons of as it brought 4 League and we need to bargain you can thread use any another that it was sliding course because where you have will then
  • 04:00: pulls out uniquely once I tucked Now I knit more then 8 rows
  • 04:30: beads now I I turn on the bend I put more I put density in practice I pass a row cultivating density 5 as the thread at I have a thick and then that you now we needed tracker one ear Depart
  • 05:02: kir I take off the weights to facilitate what will consist knitting and again, these conclusions Four brand-new here prepare also 4 Further we take here this Now she's jumper dress for the first
  • 05:31: a needle and provyazyvaem manual shooting free the corner spread to next both at 1 loop knitting us This is followed by Jumper we are here I have not got Now dress and
  • 06:04: provyazyvaem also hands further to retake following a needle then help for example it acts It is also convenient to another following here Jumper is here Reset and here this here
  • 06:30: petelechka worn don and also provyazyvaem reshoot don the following thus we released game Here we have another here means jumper worn
  • 07:01: also to the same way to the needle wearing slowly gently and that provyazyvaem 4 With regards to here and he has provyazyvaem do not we its simply shoot 4 frees them will standing next to I outweigh it here turned out here such picture here we
  • 07:31: even lower 4 loops which at a knockdown yarns are we we do take to hook and put on put on our freed needle so much so
  • 08:05: all were ordered work is now the same manipulation we will have the following don and take provyazyvaem manually remove liberating corner to outweigh
  • 08:30: Nearby stood like this take another jumper here following jumper so for the year kupilas and also provyazyvaem it return and to retake following rid of this the way a needle
  • 09:01: these jumpers Now just put on Type and untie and continue to shoot Nearby stood a needle removed and still we have here one jumper here
  • 09:30: it is the side and we put on the needle and and also provyazyvaem Now the fourth fourth loop on standing near relocating all here We completed four needle as always freed outweigh lower
  • 10:02: tabs so they all Now we all We now obtain
  • 10:30: hang weights tanks it to you show in principle at the actually simple and easy thanks to Robert that she is umnichka that's knit series September 8
  • 11:08: etc. I will not turn in here that is as if I understand it it is clear how it all I have done here at my little entangled my bargain not pull I have to you must not go
  • 11:31: I want the Holy smoke I rolled up like I struck up nodules machines and now just I do not take on the left side of something only for stand and pull
  • 12:05: she threw Yes too big make long small pieces I mean where will linked to scare pull when
  • 12:30: Strap it is connected It is easier because the vaccine does not eyelet scary now! draw out stretched Well, that turned out flied turned in We here such here front side Whether that is our
  • 13:01: loops absolutely closed That's how they look can be removed by ties course yet I will detail more tighten up here at
  • 13:31: We obverse very evenly and and all that's nice I wanted today show up to a meeting channel Cinderella