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  • 00:00: Hello everybody delighted to welcome you on my channel you maria I want to review you to my new arch far this excellent purchase with such lemon even little green lemons likely flowers are beautiful as it is me I do not like it could resist other him such Beauty
  • 00:30: even here a little maybe she did and even rejoice later flowering release more branches with their stems I watch here kidneys on peduncles can be that we get I really hope for it I solved this orchid plant into the water
  • 01:01: open system in me as yet I want this experiment View course if something goes wrong so I did once replanted substrate feed she is very beautiful [music] I want to try Now try it so make one third of the water per day
  • 01:31: three on drying after drying and 3 you only get that Vodicka with Fertilization is also on 3 hours to dry the there fertilizer alternate see how it themselves will feel it in here I stood there until I It was the day it is very matured leaves turn the same very very strong
  • 02:01: I like it seen them already this like it was on in a dense film yes you know it the truth is not for sale it was evident that I closely from the pot below the sticking it's very roots strong it It grew and was very comfortable leaf here little we of course I got so polonium but nothing
  • 02:30: terrible bought it and Evaluation want see how it will develop I want you to watch her to show how it develops very liked that from point of the base growth are small leaves reluctance to touch him as much as it is a pity there
  • 03:00: small leaves and Now they no longer more more more More so because cool I just light I had never met so like it simply perfect you may be more likely all probably not It can be seen that at the last video is also a fact that each have orhideyka I gave a new Leaflets I am for this every day on blue and I look happy in
  • 03:32: Basically not much notice may be less you need to pay out stand over them and look but not me so I like to stand on the shelf is not on the dresser I I can not just past pass not to enjoy menus He gave another leaflet menus one another the usual menus and phalaenopsis only signal and is
  • 04:01: orhideyka and you know I noticed after last video what dendrobium on my too I went to but little Rostik the handsome so interesting We will be followed watch watch she quietly sucking me today leaves me down from here Fathers yellowed leaf
  • 04:30: but as it happens I do not then I worry Dear young growth we note for all you watch I buy today for her larger bowl to felt the a little on the free because the roots so very concise and Basically it is a bank it is not very different from the
  • 05:03: to start talking on the pot in which it is grew just a little wider freedoms are not well I want more more that was on freer weeks two want you remove it yourself feel and see it should be transplanted whether or not it can be It is unpretentious and like be some water and and all will be comfortable
  • 05:33: a beauty all Thank you for your attention until we meet again bye