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Pizza on the cottage cheese test. Quickly!

Pizza on the cottage cheese test. Quickly!  See details »

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  • 00:00: Hello everyone today We'll be with you cook pizza Curd test the dough is not convenient only in that it quickly preparing but also for a number of reasons someone escapes products from yeast test so curd comes to Linen revenue per pack of cottage cheese stack of one hundred and eighty two hundred 172
  • 00:30: send here as 3-4 tablespoons of sunflower oil odorless one I egg instead of a face put 2 terribly I they remained preparation protein cream and all this little rub the dough is the taste is obtained
  • 01:00: or slightly worse than yeast the same myagenko I went to the trouble it can be the way do not just pizza Well, let's pies fried very well it turns adding here is not a whole teaspoonful of salt and We sift half cups flour flour before this add half a teaspoon of baking soda
  • 01:30: knead not very dough here Such is turned Krupko now we We have to depend his hands here is that's tight and pliable dough at we turned wrap in foil
  • 02:00: or remove in the package refrigerator minutes 20-30 well, in general until prepare the filling stuffing of course you you can do absolutely all of my pizza sausage will smoked sausage breast cucumber salty cheese and here such a sauce I cooked pizza January 3 tablespoons oil roasting 3 cloves garlic 3 tomatoes
  • 02:31: In pieces Ambassador and added Basil then pierced it all blender you can use ordinary ketchup or tomato paste by mixing its salt with e.g. garlic and spoon Oil now I do two pizzas so divide it in half Roll out each half separately see here He reacted with
  • 03:00: acid curd and Our dough is turned here is a air bubbles missing knead it anymore we will not make these bubbles do not destroy we will immediately begin its talk here who act as the convenient to someone rolls and someone right handed form It gives the test the right size can be make pizza small flanges skirting can not
  • 03:30: do well to pastries someone used first bake dough layer and then add bake fillings remaining five Ten minutes later I rarely do I mainly bake all at once, 15 minutes Put the sauce here this yellow obtained by comminution it turns out that's a
  • 04:00: here are sunny color Put the layers stuffing such that we like to fish fresh vegetables canned meat chicken eggs Sausage anyone that there is usually after feast are all sorts slicing very comfortably use and and sprinkle it generously the basic layer of cheese
  • 04:34: the bored another pizza of course also give the cheese cheese you can sprinkle Cheese can be added not immediately possible first bake itself pizza ten minutes you learned oven sprinkle with cheese and bake five more minutes, I repeat always I bake it for once ready I send my pizza
  • 05:00: in the oven that heated up to 200 degrees for 10-15 minutes I look at the first sight beauty ready so here it is rosy very appetizing and smell amazing 2 took her place just podostynet and will try it is not necessary use for pizza so much sausages and others ingredients
  • 05:30: enough to tell To be with you at home cheese because it is it attaches to the main goodies any pizza all the rest is can say addition pizza 2 also arrived, already see it turned rosy appetitnenko and on the two baking
  • 06:01: drink it took me some I have at all about all have It took me an hour Peklo in a hurry I have a little less twelve minutes all so that's it turned myagenkaya That such mouthwatering crust, too she turned and very thick dough soft and gentle
  • 06:34: delicious chicken a pizza obtained Crunchy beautiful look but it is very gentle and pleasant to the taste, see how it is soft and is excellent dough alternative yeast in my Today, if you interested in this option please
  • 07:00: try to think you also enjoy a dough and you it will with pleasure apply to this goodbye excellent all mood to cook pleasure Health to you and cheerfulness and all the best to the new meetings until