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Fragmentary pie in a couple of minutes. Surprise yourself as far as it is simple and tasty!  See details »

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  • 00:00: Hello everyone today cook semolina cake lavash cake obtained soft gentle in moderation wet preparing very fast and prepare yourself so surprised simple and delicious simultaneously deep bowl break 6 eggs add 250 4 milliliters of milk tablespoons vegetable oil all good whisk whisk or fork cheese grate on large grated cheese crumble add fork prepared raw
  • 00:31: egg mass Now mix pita and take tearing it small pieces [music] the resulting pieces add to egg cheese mass mix greens finely chopped and add to the dough We look at the density if the very liquid We need to add pita if on the contrary it turned out the dough the thick add some milk all well
  • 01:00: mix shape grease with butter oil I diameter form 20 centimeters we shift the dough flatten form We put in the oven bake at 200 degrees about 30-35 minutes until golden color pie during baked good rises to 3 it cools a bit shall fade as it should be with fillings can experiment feta cheese e.g. may be replaced cheese then the dough I need some podsolit and such cake fit for family breakfast and It is appropriate to
  • 01:30: gala dinner, he very tasty subscribe to my write channel Insert comments Huskies look my I wish more videos you a pleasant appetite and of course I wish you an excellent mood