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  • 00:02: Good day to all my name is Pauline I take my girls a short video I talk about new Technology I recently mastered the fact is that when I sewed his last cover very beautiful patchwork who called Ural gems I have remained very a lot of scraps crop were small
  • 00:32: about the size of one centimeter They had to throw out very sorry for such here and they decided about try new Pizza technique means what we need in order so that we can do work in this technology we need dublerin or some adhesive surface that is, you can can
  • 01:00: be glued spider or interlining in this I took the case, Dublirin means of dublerin you cut parts the desired form here I have taken two pieces and imposed to each other is normally no friend another will be pasted then I take trim that have I stayed on previous work and empty
  • 01:30: them on their dublerin their beautifully located it is possible to select by color and pour somehow figure can be gracefully simply pour in bulk ie this machinery and called pizza All this is laid out evenly
  • 02:00: beautiful general and here those with slices filled the whole surface after As I posted and I He added yet pieces a little the adhesive webs in small pieces I slice it you too, their pizza He added your option I have
  • 02:30: He adds some feathers and a little sequins that is the principle you clear filled in all such points surface here I had already added these maroon pieces previous torrent they had less so all much brighter You looked in the general You lay out all that
  • 03:03: you have beautiful fill that was not whitespace distributed as continue to work I personally used here is a possible tulle take or organza or some other material. well that you there's this piece chili left over from Children's dresses so
  • 03:31: here means that these purpose you close a workpiece pizza then I'm doing through gauze was gauze wet gauze right glue it all iron and pressed fix our all layers of cheesecloth and then I
  • 04:01: I cleaned and the remaining I have a sandwich then I worked with him why in a damp gauze because dublerin it better all joined to cloth when the fabric when We are able to pair when it when there Lotta ie workpiece which have
  • 04:31: I got both her work on This shows that an option which is in I turned mean do do that I took down a sandwich extra fabric then layer syntepon and the top layer of our Our Kick and laid
  • 05:03: recorded bulavochkami and then it all comprehended we do not sewing machines on machine but then trim the edges for the form as me like ie so I have blank and I think of it will makeup well look so well yesterday
  • 05:33: I come from a technology made two pillows hour on the fly And so I We obtain such two big cushions so here I have used I am showing you back
  • 06:00: part that is, the zipper be sure to sewed Well I decided to lightning not sew the seam lower as usual do a little bit not reaching the edge that is so here I am a former I put inside so I cover Case
  • 06:31: He made from old T-shirts that have I have a child with us I was little it I sewed, and the resulting bag stuffed balls for packing but option if you do not especially want buy filler league there is simply able to buy It is the most simple thing
  • 07:00: you can use for cushion packing pillows I think everyone this woman there pointing yes This old torn nylon stockings that is, one obtained beautiful filler very easy well and cheap because the material is as a matter of fact
  • 07:30: lumber here is Creation I got bruised just no special cost yes this moonshine I wish all the apparatus good luck good success mood up goodbye