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How to temper a bat for the screw gun  See details »




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  • 00:02: It's no secret that the metal has become more and more resemble the clay ... and for the screwdriver bits included. New bits are missing quite a while. I offer you a way to extend the life a little bit cheap. This oil quenching bits. To do this you will need: engine oil, a gas burner or a gas cooker, small jar or tank for oil best metal And a piece of steel wire. Wire is wound on a bit, so that does not fall out.
  • 00:40: Fill the oil into a container. And heated to a red bat.
  • 01:13: The main thing is not overtempered! And drop the bat in the oil. five - six seconds
  • 01:30: That's all! This bit will last much longer than usual.