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  • 00:01: Breaking news thousands of people directly now earn to 50,000 rubles per minute and the flat trend Trading Strategy generally do not have time to explain the reference in description and I went trade Hello In the near future I will peretaskat lot sheets and to psp simplify your work I decided to get homemade analogue Now this accessories
  • 00:30: carrying sheet gorilla material gripper to start I had to make prototype of cardboard Given the range of the nearest construction shop so we need Area 100 100 60 Plate 100 82 plates 42 astana plate 200 for forty four corners
  • 01:00: thirty to thirty three bolts 10 to 130 nuts and a piece 20 polypropylene pipe broad plate will need to fix two corner drilled holes 10 millimeters in the area also prishpandorit Their corner 230 The handle is made compound and Corner stands ready somehow twice
  • 01:30: more than 2 plate this is what we eventually happened [music] I was riveted at the corners but if you do not the Riveter it is quite possible and fasten with screws the handle also riveted because in the store found only 100 Area is It was not very convenient for grip so it was decided add here such plastic washers So, let's start collect
  • 02:07: [music] [music] nuts changed to having a lock ringlet [music]
  • 02:37: Measure out the handle needed long [music] [music]
  • 03:00: that's what eventually happened [music] if you plan carry laminated sheets is on the inside surface better paste some rubber the more the sheet stronger than he riving clip
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