Incredibly tasty CUTLETS WITHOUT MEAT GRAM from cabbage  See details »

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  • 00:00: Hello everyone today cook cabbage Female athletes cutlets obtained incredibly delicious fragrant crispy drools already on one of their kind golden beautiful form tender juicy cabbage finely nashinkuem omit in boiling water and cook since simmer 7-10 minutes before semireadiness if the old cabbage it will need to cook longer onions finely cut
  • 00:30: fry in butter oil until golden colors leave to cool thrown back on the cabbage colander give cabbage drain and slightly cool once cabbage cools wring out the excess moisture prepare vegetable forcemeat add onion cabbage break two eggs add salt semolina barley greens cleaned to taste all well mix will give
  • 01:00: your stand for 10 minutes swelled to semolina If the stuffing is watery need add a little more semolina forming patties We recruit a little minced meat in the palm throwing out his hands palm forming round or oval preform roast burgers on a well heated vegetable oil as soon as the chops browns We turn over fry the second side to readiness for cover on average fire roasted they very fast We get 10-12 years We serve burgers with
  • 01:30: sour cream or other sauces to your taste eat burgers Cabbage can be like hot and cold to me they prefer straight from the refrigerator subscribe to my write channel Insert comments Huskies look my more videos we wish Bon Appetit and good mood